April 7, 2020
Sen. Sherrod Brown Endorses Joe Biden For President

Democratic Sen. Sherrod Brown of Ohio has endorsed former Vice President Joe Biden for President of the United States, reports The Hill.

The endorsement was announced Tuesday by the Biden campaign. In a statement, Brown said that Biden is the right person to lead the nation in a time of crisis.

"Dignity of Work isn't a slogan -- it's who we are, and how we govern; Joe Biden understands that. And as we face both a public health crisis and an economy in turmoil, we need a steady hand more than ever."
"Joe Biden has the experience, the tenacity, and the empathy to lead in a crisis, and the hope to bring us together, and steer us toward brighter days ahead," the senator added.

Brown's endorsement could conceivably help Biden win the state of Ohio, which delayed its primary election due to concerns related to the coronavirus pandemic. Ohioans have until April 25 to request a vote-by-mail ballot. Those who do not have a home mailing address will be able to vote on April 28, at special voting centers.

Biden has racked up a significant delegate lead over his only remaining competitor in the Democratic Party's presidential primaries, independent Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont. Sanders beat Biden in Iowa, New Hampshire, and Nevada, but the former vice president made a comeback with a resounding victory in the state of South Carolina.

Brown thought about joining the presidential race, but ultimately decided to stay on the sidelines. Last summer, speaking with The New York Times, the senator expressed skepticism about Biden's candidacy. "I never thought he'd be the nominee," Brown said when asked whether Biden being in the race had something to do with his decision not to run.

Brown's wife, the Pulitzer Prize-winning columnist Connie Schultz, was even more critical of Biden, blasting the former vice president in one of her 2019 columns. Schultz lambasted Biden for boasting about working with segregationists. "If Joe Biden wants to boast about his relationship with a racist, he is not who we need to succeed the racist in the White House," she wrote.

Having in effect won the Democratic presidential nomination, Biden is turning his attention to President Donald Trump. The coronavirus outbreak has forced the likely Democratic nominee off the campaign trail, but he has made sure to maintain a presence on social media and in legacy media.

Biden has criticized the Trump administration's response to the pandemic, putting forward a number of his own proposals. Last week, he urged Trump to appoint a supply commander to oversee the distribution of medical supplies, calling for more cooperation between states and the federal government.