April 7, 2020
Dolly Castro Is Literally Dripping In Chanel While Spilling Out Of Tight Bustier Top For Flirty New Photo

Dolly Castro's most recent social media share quite literally saw her dripping in Chanel. The April 6 addition to her feed was a nice change of pace for the model who rocked a dressy outfit instead of her usual workout attire. Since the post was added to her page yesterday, the model's fans have gone wild for the drool-worthy shot.

Castro posed front and center, tilting her body slightly to the side. The background was basic with a plain white wall at her back. There was also a large brass mirror just over Castro's left shoulder. Dolly geo-tagged the flirty photo in Orange County, California, where she currently resides. It was extremely well lit, perfectly highlighting the model's stunning complexion.

In the picture, the Nicaraguan hottie was all smiles, gazing directly at the camera with her big, brown eyes. The outfit showed off Castro's famous curves, with the top fitting her perfectly. The bustier she wore was white with a few tiny flowers in blue and pink lining nearly every inch of fabric. Though her hair was covering her shoulders, it appeared as though the top was strapless with a sweetheart neckline that drew attention to her chest. The piece tied in the middle and had a white lace fabric around the cups.

She paired the sexy top with some simple, high-waisted jeans that hugged her lower half while accentuating her killer curves. The head of the pants was secured high on her waist with a single bronze button, allowing for a portion of her trim tummy to show.

She parted her dark locks straight down the middle, adding tiny ringlet curls throughout her mane. Quite literally dripping in Chanel, the social media star accessorized her outfit with earrings and a matching necklace that spelled out the ritzy label's name.

Her look would not be complete without a stunning application of makeup that included defined brows, long and beautiful lashes, pink blush, and a brown gloss.

Castro tagged her "quarantine buddy" for doing her hair as well as her husband, who snapped the photo.

The model got pretty deep in the caption, sharing that she's been using her time in quarantine to become a better human. The post proved popular with over 42,000 likes and 600 comments in less than 24 hours since going live.

"OH MY GOD YOUR SO BEAUTIFUL," one Instagrammer raved alongside a few flame emoji.

"Gorgeous and beautiful positive words," another social media user complimented.

"I love your hair like this, and anyway you wear it, beautiful as always mi armor," a third chimed in.