April 7, 2020
Jim Edmonds' Rep Slams Former 'RHOC' Star Megan King Edmonds' Alleged Instagram Diss As 'Pathetic,' 'Immature'

Jim Edmonds' representative, Steve Honig, is speaking out about an apparent diss Meghan King Edmonds -- Jim's estranged wife -- is accused of sharing on her social media accounts, including on her TikTok account and on her Instagram page.

Following the release of the shocking video made by Meghan and initially shared on her TikTok account, Jim's rep released a response to Bravo's The Daily Dish.

"During the past few weeks we have seen celebrities use social media to bring people together and support one another. Apparently, Meghan has taken a different path and instead decided spew hatred and anger," the rep shared.

In recent posts shared by Jim on his Instagram page, he's been keeping his fans and followers in the loop with his illness after confirming days ago that he had been diagnosed with both COVID-19 and pneumonia. Prior to his reveal, Jim shared a photo of himself in the hospital and said he would be undergoing testing for the coronavirus.

For her part, Meghan has been chronicling her quarantine journey with the three kids they share -- three-year-old daughter Aspen and one-year-old twins Hayes and Hart -- while also seemingly throwing shade at her estranged husband. The video in question showed the former The Real Housewives of Orange County cast member lip-syncing about an ex who recently texted her and said he was missing her.

While Meghan didn't actually name Jim in any of her recent statements or posts on social media, his rep seemed to be under the impression that she was throwing shade his way and slammed her antics as "pathetic" and "immature."

"She thinks it's funny; I think it's pathetic and immature," he stated.

A number of Meghan's fans and followers also believed she was referring to Jim in that post and responded to her lip-syncing clip accordingly. Still, she hasn't yet discussed who the video might be referring to on social media.

Jim filed for divorce from Meghan in October of last year, just one day after the ex-couple celebrated their five-year wedding anniversary. He is currently dating former model Kortnie O'Connor.

As The Inquisitr previously reported, Meghan's TikTok video caused quite a stir on social media earlier this week. One particular fan suggested that Meghan deserved way more than what she got in her marriage to Jim.

"Omg, I am cracking up. I hope that is based on a real conversation!" a second person wrote.