February 14, 2020
Cosplay Model Meg Turney Goes Braless In Throwback From One Of Her 'Favorite Valentine's Day Shoots Ever'

Curvaceous cosplay model Meg Turney helped her amorous admirers celebrate Valentine's Day with a smoking-hot snapshot from one of her favorite photo shoots.

On Friday, Meg took to Instagram to share a creative picture with her 744,000 followers. The costume she was pictured rocking was based on the multiplayer battle royale game, PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds(PUBG). Her look was specifically inspired by the character pictured on the game's cover. Meg's outfit included a white button-up shirt with elbow-length sleeves. She was wearing the top completely unbuttoned, which revealed that she wasn't wearing a bra beneath it.

Meg was pictured posing on a bed with her legs spread and her knees bent, and she was sitting on her feet. She had her arms straight, and her hands were placed between her legs. She was using her arms to slightly push her breasts together, which accentuated her already ample cleavage.

Meg was also rocking an black skinny necktie, though it was untied. The necktie was draped around her neck so that its long ends hung down on both sides of her chest. She also sported a scanty pair of sheer white underwear, delicate lace trim around the waist -- and a seam down the front -- adding some flourishes to the apparel. The sides of the lingerie had been pulled up high on her hips. Meg completed her costume with a pair of black leather fingerless gloves. The gloves featured straps that buckled around the model's wrists, and the straps were embellished with silver studs.

Meg was wearing her red hair in tousled waves. Her beauty look included a rosy lip, gunmetal gray eye shadow, and long curled eyelashes. She adopted a playful smirk, adding a raised eyebrow for emphasis. She was posing with her head slightly turned away from the camera, but her eyes looked back at the lens, a coy look on her face.

A green helmet and a bucket containing a bottle of champagne were visible in the foreground of Meg's photo. She was posing beside a bunch of white heart-shaped balloons, which were attached to a large red gift box wrapped with black ribbon and topped with a big blue bow.

Over the span of a few hours, Meg's Instagram followers showed their appreciation for her special Valentine's Day post. The share has so far accrued over 33,000 likes.

"Love the look on your face!" read one response to her post.

"I love your little smile in this one," another fan agreed.

"This photo is phenomenal, you look mesmerizing and absolutely stunning. Happy Valentine's Day," a third admirer remarked.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Meg also gave her fans an early Valentine's Day treat last week, offering up a pair of stunning lingerie photos.