February 14, 2020
WWE News: Two Superstars Missing Tonight's 'SmackDown' Due To Legal Problems

A number of superstars have dealt with legal issues in the past, and WWE often deals with these talents in-house. One very popular tag team was off television for months last year due to legal troubles, and only recently returned. Even though The Usos are back in the main event scene -- and a part of major storylines -- some troubles from their past will keep them away from Friday Night SmackDown this week.

Jimmy and Jey Uso had been absent from WWE television for months, and they missed a number of live events. They recently came back to help Roman Reigns. A feud has been building between The Usos and the team of John Morrison and The Miz, but a match isn't happening just yet.

While The A-Listers are set to face The New Day for the SmackDown Tag Team Championship at Super ShowDown later this month, other grudges need to be settled first. Leave it to The Miz and Morrison to get as personal as possible and bring real life into the picture.

Fans may remember the drunk-driving arrests that created problems for The Usos in recent years. It appears as if those legal issues are keeping them from entering Canada, which is where this week's SmackDown takes place. Wrestling Inc. notes that The Miz joked about this particular scenario on Twitter on Thursday evening, and Morrison wasn't far behind him.

Obviously, these jokes from Miz and Morrison come in response to the past legal issues that The Usos have had. Even though a feud between the two tag teams appears to be on the horizon, it won't be continued on Friday night.

The Usos head to the ring for their next match.

After the comments by Miz and Morrison, Roman Reigns decided to step in and support his family. The "Big Dog" took to his Twitter account to take a shot at Morrison and let him know what's coming their way.

"Yo! I thought you quit this business years ago! Ha, welcome back!

P.S. a**-whopping waiting for you too!"

WWE has already announced that Roman Reigns will be facing off against The Miz and John Morrison on this week's Friday Night SmackDown. The former champion won't be alone, as he's going to have a mystery partner for the tag team match. The Usos may have to miss Friday's show due to past legal troubles, but they are not expected to miss any more time as the "Road to WrestleMania" carries on.