February 14, 2020
Netflix Is Reportedly Considering Saving Lucifer Again & Renewing It For A Sixth Season

After renewing Lucifer for a fifth and final season, Netflix is reportedly considering ordering more episodes of the series and rescinding its cancellation, reports TVLine.

Lucifer-- based on the popular DC comics series of the same name -- aired for three seasons on Fox before getting canceled. The devoted fanbase rallied, along with show star Tom Ellis, to create the #SaveLucifer campaign. It was incredibly successful, seeing as Netflix swooped in to rescue the show and renewed it for two more seasons before deciding to end it, once and for all. The fifth and final season will consist of 16 episodes that will be split into two eight-episode chunks.

However, according to TVLine, now Netflix is thinking about saving the show yet again and opting not to go through with the previously announced cancellation, meaning the series could get a sixth season and possibly even more. Per the outlet, the streamer has closed a deal with Warner Brothers television to keep the show going.

"Since doing 'Lucifer,' I've done press in various parts of the world, and I'm fully aware that this show is much more popular than what it had seemed to be on Fox," said Ellis when Netflix first saved the series. TVLine quoted his statement from when he previously spoke with a reporter from the outlet.

The actor went on to say he was thoroughly impressed with the massive influx of love he and the rest of the cast received from its devoted followers.

On social media, Lucifer fans were ecstatic about the potential of the show getting more episodes in the future.

"F*ck YES!! #Lucifer is one of the best shows and it deserves to go on @netflix please keep the show going beyond S5!" exclaimed one fan.

"Well, this is news that I never expected to hear... Wow. That's definitely a plot twist," gushed a second person.

"I really hope it happens! I just found it last month and binged it in a week. I'm not ready to say goodbye," chimed in a third contributor.

Others were a little more skeptical about the news, opting not to get their hopes up in case Netflix changes their mind or the report turns out to be false.

"This better not be a lie," tweeted a fourth fan.

TVLine also stated that Netflix had not yet commented officially on the news, so it's not clear what will come of the Warner Brothers deal at the moment.

Lucifer's fifth season doesn't have an official release date yet but is supposed to debut on the streaming service sometime this year.