February 14, 2020
'Maxim' Bombshell Rachel Bush Rocks A Cheeky Bikini In The Snow For Sizzling Snapshots

Rachel Bush braved the cold to pose for a pair of smoking hot bikini snapshots. While rocking a swimsuit in the snow might make many people uncomfortable, the voluptuous Maxim model didn't seem to mind the chilly weather. In fact, she said that it felt "good."

On Thursday, Rachel took to Instagram to share a set of photos that were taken during a trip to Aspen, Colorado. The 22-year-old brunette bombshell was pictured rocking a skimpy, mismatched string bikini. The two-piece included a white top that matched her icy backdrop. The garment featured classic triangle cups that could barely contain Rachel's ample curves. The thin string that was supposed to be underneath her bust was riding up, and her cleavage was spilling out underneath it.

For her first photo, Rachel further accentuated her buxom shape by leaning forward, pushing her arms inward on the sides of her chest. This caused her bust to strain against her top so that she was also spilling out of the sides of the garment's undersized cups.

Rachel's designer bottoms were brown and tan with white trim and featured Fendi's monogram motif. The bottoms had white ties that were stretched up high on the model's shapely hips. In her second photo, she was photographed from the back. This gave fans a good look at her pert derriere and her bikini's cheeky design. She posed with her legs spread, and the ends of her thick, dark hair were brushing her peachy backside.

Rachel completed her look with footwear that isn't usually worn with a bikini -- a pair of platform snow boots. Her warm shoes were tan with thick wool backs and brown laces.

The model stood on a small section of bare concrete in front of a stone wall covered with snow. The fluffy white stuff was also piled up high in front of the wall.

In the caption of her post, Rachel revealed that she grew up in the mountains and that she was enjoying being "back in the cold."

Her decision to brave the frigid air in a bikini was rewarded with over 29,000 likes and hundreds of comments in the span of two hours.

"Rachel definitely belongs on mount Olympus #godtier," read one response to her Instagram photos.

"I have a new love for the snow," another fan wrote.

"So hot it looks like the snow around you is melting. You're the cause of global warming," a third admirer remarked.

"I love how bikinis literally don't fit you in the most amazing way humanly possible," wrote a fourth commenter.

While Rachel's latest social media snapshot showed her in the snow, she shared a photo of herself soaking up some sun on a warm beach earlier this week. That sizzling selfie was taken while she was visiting Rio de Janeiro.