February 14, 2020
Cowboys Great Drew Pearson Rips New Michigan State Coach Mel Tucker

The Dallas Cowboys have had an interesting offseason so far, to be sure. The team probably didn't think that in the middle of discussions over who was going to be their quarterback next season, they'd have to be dealing with one of their all-time great players going after a college football coach on social media. The franchise is likely hoping it can stay out of a possible budding feud between Drew Pearson and new Michigan State head coach Mel Tucker. Pearson went after Tucker not long after he departed the Colorado Buffaloes for the Spartans.

Pearson tweeted out his attack on Wednesday morning, not long after Tucker was officially announced as the new MSU head coach. The former Cowboys receiver started out by calling Tucker a "con man" in all caps. He then explained he was angry over the fact that Tucker had recruited Pearson's grandson to Colorado by telling the young prospect he "wasn't going anywhere."

The "should be" Hall of Famer then claimed Tucker "up and left" He concluded his tweet by claiming the new Spartans' head man lied directly to his face and Pearson was going to retaliate by "beating him up" on social media

Drew Pearson talks on a radio show
Getty Images | Tom Pennington

Pearson underlined what has long been one of the arguments brought up when a coach leaves one program for another. As was the case with Tucker, sometimes these coaches leave days after they've talked young players into signing letters of intent, locking them into a school that no longer has someone in charge.

College football's National Signing Day was February 5, one week ago. One day before Tucker took the Michigan State job, he tweeted he was committed to the Buffaloes. He was then offered more than $5 million a year to come to the Big Ten.
Pearson is in a different situation than many other families of players because he has a following, thanks to his success with the Dallas Cowboys. He's hardly the only one who doesn't like the way this situation went down.

Dennis Dodd of CBS Sports wrote an article talking about the way the college football community was affected by Tucker's about-face. Among the changes this kind of move should create, Dodd wrote, was that coaches are no longer allowed to publicly question a player's loyalty if there is talk he might transfer.

Colorado radio personality Benjamin Allbright lit into the new Spartans coach as well on Twitter. He said he hoped the new job worked out for Mel Tucker because he took a hit to his reputation. Drew Pearson is certainly one agreed with that sentiment.