February 6, 2020
Sommer Ray Flashes Underboob In An Orange Thong Bikini That Makes Her 'Want To Eat A Clementine'

Fitness model Sommer Ray showed off her fit figure in a tiny orange bikini, and her fans weren't the only ones who seemed to think that she looked good enough to eat.

On Thursday, Sommer took to Instagram to share a set of three sizzling snapshots with her 24 million followers. The first image was a closeup photo of her flawless face and the upper portion of her chest.

The athletic star wore a shimmery copper eyeshadow that made her piercing green eyes pop. Her long, curled lashes were covered with a light coat of mascara, and her thick brows were brushed upward. Her full lips were petal pink and slightly glossy.

The natural beauty wore her long ombre hair pushed to the side in wet waves that made her light blond ends shine. She had her lips slightly parted, and she was giving the camera a sultry look.

The upper segment of Sommer's orange top was all that was visible in her first snap. The garment was constructed out of thick, textured fabric, and it appeared to be a sporty style with thick shoulder straps.

Sommer's second snapshot wasn't as closely cropped as the first. The photo made it evident that her top was much more revealing than it first appeared. It only covered up the top half of her bust, so she was flashing a generous amount of underboob. However, her lower cleavage was somewhat obscured by her hair.

The model posed to the side with her left hand on her hip, providing a clear view of the red birthmark on her arm. The side straps of her bottoms were also visible.

The third photo showed even more of Sommer's bikini body. The final image revealed that her two-piece had a thong back that left little of her peachy backside to the imagination. She also flaunted her muscular thighs and flat stomach.

In the caption of her post, Sommer joked that the photos of her knit bikini made her want to eat a juicy clementine.

It took just one hour for the model's post to garner over 350,000 likes. Sommer's Instagram followers also took to the comments section to lavish her with praise. In addition to remarking on how incredible she looked, some of her fans commended her for showing off her birthmark.

"Birthmark gives me life," read one response to her post.

"Wow thank you beautiful," Sommer replied.

"Clementines are the best just not better than Y O U," gushed another admirer.

"You are a clementine aka a snack," a third fan wrote.

Sommer's fans love her bikini photos, but they also enjoy seeing her rock one-piece swimsuits. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, her followers had similarly passionate responses to an Instagram picture of the model wearing a red bathing suit and posing in front of a Jeep.