February 6, 2020
Kim Richards To Detail Her Life As 'A Show Pony' Child Star, 'Whipping Post As A Sister' In Tell-All Book

Kim Richards is getting ready to tell her fans The Whole Truth. The former Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star has released the publication date for her long-awaited memoir, and she promises the book will give fans the full story on her life in the spotlight as a child star and as tabloid fodder as an adult.

Kim, 55, first announced plans for her memoir in November, but now she is revealing the release date and more details about the book.

In a press release posted to publisher HarperCollins' website, Kim reveals that she is done holding on to "secrets" about her life. The actress — a 1970s Disney darling who went on to present-day reality TV fame on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills — said she now feels "strong" enough to open up to her fans about her real life.

The Whole Truth is described as "harrowing" and "ultimately empowering." Kim, who in 1991 tragically lost her fiance John Collett when he was killed and dealt with personal substance abuse struggles in recent years, is described as a woman who has "been through hell and back."

The press release adds that Kim's "soul-baring confession" will detail what it was like "to be treated like a show pony as a child star, as a disposable object as a wife, a whipping post as a sister, and as a tabloid commodity as a celebrity."

The book will contain approximately 30 photos taken from different eras of Kim's life.

Kim previously told Page Six it was not easy for her to relive her past while writing her book.

"Looking back at my life, every bit of it from the beginning, was very, wow. Some of the … painful parts were tough. It's been beautiful, too. I've grown a lot," the mom of four said.

It will be interesting to see how much detail Kim gives about her childhood growing up in a celebrity acting family.

Kim is the sister of fellow former child star and RHOBH veteran Kyle Richards and actress-turned -socialite Kathy Hilton. Kyle published a memoir of her own, Life Is Not a Reality Show, that was released in 2011 with little family fanfare. But When Kyle developed American Woman, a TV series inspired by the siblings' childhood with their divorced mom Kathleen Dugan, a family feud ensued.

Kim's life as a "show pony" child star includes her start in a TV commercial at age 4 and her rise to fame as a Disney movie star in the 1970s. The young actress went on to appear regularly on TV in shows including James at 16 and Hello Larry. The former child star had a less positive TV scene during the first season of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills when her sister Kyle outed her as an alcoholic.

Kim Richards' book The Whole Truth will be available on April 28.