February 6, 2020
Demi Rose Updates Fans On Her Tattooed Lips: 'I Love Permanent Makeup'

Just two days after she got her lip color tattooed on, Demi Rose took to her Instagram story to update fans on how the transformation was going — and it seems like she is super happy with the results.

The British model shared two videos on the app, the first featuring an up-close shot of her radiant, close-mouthed grin.

"My lips are still looking good!" she wrote over the first clip.

Her lips looked perfect in the video and were colored with a deep, dusty rose shade that suited her skin tone. Her cupid's bow was pristinely arched; Demi had previously complimented their new shaping in a prior Instagram story video. Her plump pout was incredibly glossy, with a shimmer shining off of her lips.

"You have to keep the tattoo super moisturized then it kinda flakes off and leaves a lighter shade," she further explained in the caption. As she revealed in the original videos when she got her lips inked, the dark rose-red hue she picked wouldn't stay that dark forever. Instead, over the next few days, it would transform into the lighter color Demi was looking for.

She went on to show off her smile more in the second video, as well as give her 12.8 million Instagram followers some insight into why she chose to permanently ink her makeup onto her skin.

In that clip, Demi cuddled her dog and panned the camera over her face. Her dark brows — which she also had done — were gorgeously arched. Her lashes, coated with black mascara, fanned out and curled upwards. Her cheekbones popped. Her red-pink pout, of course, still shone brightly. She wore a diamond stud in one ear.

"I love permanent makeup," Demi wrote in the video.

"I grew up watching my Mom have it. She had eyebrows, eyeliner, and lips!"
"Like mother like daughter," she added, including a sparkly pink heart emoji in the note.

When the brunette bombshell initially documented the process the other day, she shared how excited she was to get the procedure done, even showing fans the different shades she chose from to land on the color she wanted. After her lips were inked, she wrote about how exuberant she was to "have pink lips without lipstick."

As The Inquisitr has reported, Demi Rose often puckers her pout in various photo shoots. She also goes completely risqué in the shoots as well, whether she's posing topless, swinging naked on a swing, or just donning sultry bikinis.