February 6, 2020
David Dobrik Put A Screenshot Of His Friend's Embarrassing Texts On A Los Angeles Billboard

YouTuber David Dobrik is known for his comedic pranks that are often made at the expense of his friends. This time, Dobrik really outdid himself when he decided to teach his friend Toddy Smith a lesson for hitting on his best friend and assistant, Natalie Mariduena. Thus, he purchased a billboard in Los Angeles, California with Smith's embarrassing drunk text messages, according to Insider.

The billboard is massive and includes a photo of Smith alongside a screenshot of an assortment of late-night messages Smith sent to Mariduena after a night of drinking. In the long string of texts, an intoxicated Smith hit on Mariduena only to receive no response.

Among some of the embarrassing texts included excerpts like "u break my heart," and "can we please cuddle tomorrow."

After having the billboard made, Dobrik brought his friends to come and see it.

"To teach Todd a lesson about drunk texting, the next day we bought a billboard in Hollywood and had our friends come and see it," Dobrik said in the video.

Smith gasped upon seeing his own face staring at him on the billboard and then gasped in panic a second time upon the realization that those were his messages posted for everyone to see.

Dobrik's surprises are at times more pleasant than others. Most recently, he made headlines for surprising college students with Justin Bieber in one of his vlogs. In the video, Dobrik parked his infamous Tesla on the UCLA campus and invited students inside for an interview. He then asked them about their opinions about Bieber only to have him jump out from the backseat, as The Inquisitr previously reported.

In one particular comical moment, one fan said she was jealous of Hailey Baldwin, who recently became Bieber's wife.

"Oh, I love him, I wanted to marry him, honestly. I'm sad. I'm obviously sad about Hailey, but it's okay, though," she said with a laugh.

When Bieber jumped out and gave her a hug, she was brought to tears by the encounter.

"I've looked up to you so much," she said.

Dobrik's collaboration video with Bieber was a massive success, earning him more than 17 million views. Dobrik boasts over 15 million subscribers on YouTube and continues to grow in fame and popularity, securing numerous awards this past year. He's done other videos similar to this one in the past, including a video in which he surprised people with Kylie Jenner. This video earned more than 23 million views.