February 1, 2020
WWE News: Jon Moxley, AKA Dean Ambrose, Reveals Why He Had To Stop Using Old Finisher

Jon Moxley is no longer a member of the WWE roster, but he's happy to share stories about his time with the company, where he competed as Dean Ambrose. During an interview with Sean Ross Sapp of Fightful, the All Elite Wrestling superstar discussed why he changed his old Headlock Driver finishing maneuver to the Dirty Deeds, citing a match with Randy Orton as the main reason behind the decision.

"The Headlock Driver's awesome if you've got the right guy doing it to the right guy. It can be like the nastiest, coolest piledriver looking thing in the world or if the guy's taller than you, which so many of the guys in the WWE were taller than me, it can be just really awkward and stupid looking. I think I gave it to Randy Orton one time, who is someone with a significant height advantage on me, it just was awkward. I was like, 'That's it, I'm switching this up.'"
During the interview, Moxley also discussed the Dirty Deeds, which is essentially just a DDT. For years, the maneuver was a finisher for superstars like Raven, Cactus Jack, and Jake "The Snake" Roberts, but these days, performers tend to incorporate it into their arsenal as a transitional move.

Moxley, however, has found ways to make it seem hard-hitting again. Recently, he stole the show with it on an episode of AEW Dynamite during a match with Darby Allin, which saw him deliver it from the turnbuckle.

The former WWE Champion noted how he's able to deliver the move in interesting ways, such as delivering it off the top rope and through tables. In his mind it's a "super DDT" and he's solidified himself as one of the most popular wrestlers in the entire industry by using it all these years.

Moxley has switched up his move set several times throughout his career, but his DDT -- which he now calls The Paradigm Shift -- is arguably the move that he's most synonymous with. He'll be hoping that it's enough to keep Chris Jericho down as well, as the two former WWE superstars will face each other for the AEW World Championship at this month's Revolution pay-per-view.

Moxley has found a new lease of life in AEW, but his time with the company might not be permanent. As The Inquisitr previously reported, WWE Hall of Famer Kurt Angle expects him to return to his old stomping grounds down the line.