February 1, 2020
Mathilde Tantot Shows Off Cleavage In Loosely-Tied Top On A Hello Kitty TV

Mathilde Tantot has been sharing lots of photos on Instagram lately with the focus on her chest. She kept the theme rolling with her newest update but did so in a unique way with a Hello Kitty TV. The result was a picture of the TV, and on the TV was a photo of the model wearing a loosely-tied top. The revealing nature of her shirt allowed her to show off her cleavage.

The TV was pink, and it was an old CRT model. Small floral accents decorated the corners of the screen with one graphic of Hello Kitty in the corner.

The image on the TV was the same snap that was collaged next to each other. It showed Mathilde standing with her body facing the camera straight-on, and it was cropped at her nose down to her belly button. She put her right pointer finger in her mouth as she exuded flirty vibes.

The top that she wore was black with long sleeves. The front of it was loosely tied together with a silver string that crisscrossed multiple times in front of her cleavage. This meant that her broken heart tattoo in the center of her chest was easy to spot. Furthermore, the tag revealed that the shirt was from Fashion Nova.

The stunner wore her hair down, with pieces falling around her shoulders.

Mathilde wore glossy, light pink lipstick.

Moreover, the model was seen bathed in a purple glow. This included parts of her hair, her hand, and the wall behind her.

Mathilde's adoring fans rushed to the comments section to leave their compliments. While there were the usual messages about her figure, many were distracted by the TV.

"Definitely my new favorite picture on instagram!!" exclaimed a follower.

"What tv channel is that?" joked a supporter.

"I have this TV," claimed an admirer.

One social media user was lucky enough to get a response from Mathilde.

"What do you do when you can't sleep at night?" they asked.

"Netflix," she responded, and further elaborated when prompted to do so, saying, "Sure : casa de papel, how to get away with murder, elite, riverdale..."

In addition, the bombshell posted another revealing photo yesterday that was all about her chest. This time, the emphasis wasn't just on her cleavage, thanks to her bodysuit being completely see-through. Mathilde censored the first photo with two black bars, but it was still very risqué. The outfit had an off-the-shoulder cut and a high leg cut. There were other pictures in the set that showed off her look from the back.