February 1, 2020
Jon Gosselin Posts Joyous Daddy-Daughter Pic With Hannah: 'Girl Dad'

Jon Gosselin posted a happy photo with his daughter Hannah. The former Jon and Kate Plus 8 star took to Instagram to share a new pic of his 15-year-old wrapped around his shoulders, and fans loved how happy the daddy-daughter duo look in the sweet shot.

In the photo, Hannah is hanging on to her dad as he tries to hold her up. The two are posing in what appears to be a living room at their Pennsylvania home, and they are both smiling and look very happy as they spend time together.

The Gosselin dad tagged the pic #Girldad, but Hannah is only one of his daughters. Jon is also father to twins Mady and Cara, 19, as well as 15-year-old daughters Alexis and Leah. The former reality star has admitted he is estranged from several of his kids, most notably his eldest daughters who are now in college. It is unclear how often he sees Alexis and Leah.

In the comments to the pic, fans of the reality TV family were thrilled to see Hannah looking so happy with her dad.

"Father-daughter love!!!" one fan wrote.

"Your children show a true happiness with you!" another added.

"Love Hannah!!" a third fan wrote." Sure wish your other 4 daughters would start to come around. Just because they haven't yet doesn't mean they won't! Keep fighting for them."

"She looks so happy," another wrote of Hannah. "I wish u could get your other kids from Kate. They don't know what a good dad you are and the good life they are missing because they believe Kate and her lies. "

Indeed, Gosselin currently has custody of only two of his eight kids, Hannah and Collin. The new pic marks a rare photo of the former TLC star just with his teen daughter.

Fans know that Jon Gosselin has a special bond with Hannah. She was the first of the eight Gosselin kids to leave their mother Kate's nest and move in with her father. Over the years, Jon has shared many photos of just him and his daughter, but a little over one year ago, Collin also moved in with his dad, so the recent photos have also included him. Many of the family's photos also include Jon's longtime girlfriend, Colleen Conrad.

The new photo with Hannah comes one week after Jon shared a photo on his Instagram story after he took Hannah, Collin, and two of their friends midnight bowling at a local bowling alley.