February 1, 2020
Kim Kardashian Reveals Her Sweet But Unusual McDonald's Order For A Super Bowl Ad, And It Divides Twitter

Kim Kardashian doesn't appear in McDonald's new Super Bowl commercial, but her favorite items to order from the fast-food chain do.

As reported by People, Kim is one of the celebrities who McDonald's name drops in its 30-second ad. The short video reminds football fans that the rich and famous are just like them when it comes to their love of fast food fries. However, Kim customized her McDonald's order in a way that some of her fans aren't exactly in love with. Instead of using one of the various Chicken McNuggets dipping sauce varieties that the restaurant offers, it turns out that the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star dips her golden-fried nuggets in nothing but sweet, golden honey.

The McDonald's Super Bowl ad begins with a shot of a red food tray that has the favorite meal of Kim's husband, rapper Kanye West, artfully arranged on it. Kanye, who once called McDonald's his favorite place to eat, is also a fan of the chain's nuggets, but he prefers to eat his six-piece order with three packages of tangy barbecue sauce. His meal included fries and a chocolate shake with whipped cream.

Kim's larger meal also included a six-piece McNuggets, which she eats with one packet of honey. She completed her meal with a small cheeseburger, fries, a fried apple pie, and a vanilla shake with no whipped cream.

A Twitter user mentioned the honey in the McDonald's ad on the social media platform, and the tweet caught Kim's attention. Her response sparked a discussion about using the sweet and sticky substance as a dipping sauce. Based on what Kim wrote, she won't eat her chicken nuggets with anything else.
A few of Kim's Twitter followers revealed that they're also fans of the honey and nuggets combo.

"Omggg yes Kim!!!! I swear by honey and nuggets," read one response to her tweet.

"Only us supremes know that honey on chicken is the way to go," another commenter wrote.

However, many of Kim's followers expressed disgust over her choice in the dipping sauce, with quite a few of them advising her to try honey mustard instead.

"Honey mustard is better and less messy," wrote one critic.

"You mean honey mustard right Kim?... please tell me its Honey Mustard," another commenter remarked.

In response to the flood of comments about honey mustard, Kim indicated that she has already tried it and absolutely does not like it.

So far, the other celebrity orders in the McDonald's Super Bowl ad haven't stirred up a similar social media debate. In the commercial, viewers learn that actress Whoopi Goldberg has a cup of iced tea and lemon with her burger and fries, while basketball legend Magic Johnson is a Fillet-O-Fish fan. Country singer Keith Urban really loves his coffee, and Stranger Things actress Millie Bobby Brown eats her chicken nuggets with a plain side salad, no sauce, and ice water.