February 1, 2020
Fitness Bombshell Lauren Simpson Trains Glutes In Red Thong Bikini For New Workout Videos

Australian fitness model Lauren Simpson showed fans how to train their glutes in the most recent video on her Instagram page.

Dressed in a red thong bikini that displayed her chiseled physique, the blond beauty started the workout with curtsy lunges which required her to take large diagonal steps backward while wearing a silver-gray exercise band around her knees. In the caption, Lauren recommended doing 12 of these on each side.

She followed those moves up with "B stance" Romanian deadlifts. For this exercise, she placed one end of the resistance band under one foot and pulled it upwards until she stood straight. She did all this while maintaining a wide-legged stance where the foot on the resistance band was placed in front of the other.

Lauren lay down in the grass for the next exercise, banded glute bridges. These moves required her to thrust her hips upward with her knees spread and toes pointed out. Side-lying clams came next, which involved an opening of the knees with the band placed around them. In the next clip, she ended the workout with banded lateral step-outs.

In her caption, Lauren recommended doing three to four rounds of this circuit for optimal results. She also shared that these were great workouts for vacations when you'd rather be outdoors than in a gym. Based on her bikini and the fact that the videos were shot at a resort -- according to her geotag -- it looks like Lauren recorded these clips while she was on a getaway of her own.

While she maintained that it's okay to take a break from exercise during a vacation, Lauren said that she enjoys working out when she's on holiday because it helps her to stay in a positive frame of mind, thanks to the endorphin rush.

These exercises can also be used as a "finisher" at the end of a lower-body workout, she said. For that, she recommended doing one round of each exercise and spending 30 seconds on them.

In the comments section, several fans seemed to want to work out with Lauren at the scenic location in the video.

"What a gorgeous location. Love doing workouts outdoors," one person wrote.

Others simply shared their admiration for Lauren's muscular frame.

"Her legs are beyond incredible," a second Instagram user added.

"Amazing body," a third admirer wrote before adding a string of emoji to their comment.

But one fan thought that Lauren's significant other should get a shout-out for presumably holding the camera while she worked out.

"Can we get an amen for the Instagram boyfriends?" they wrote.