February 1, 2020
Teen Goes Viral After Baking Cookies To Apologize For Hitting A Stranger's Mailbox

A teenage driver from Lincoln, Nebraska is receiving praise for a heartwarming good deed. The 16-year-old new driver, Owen Sullivan, was driving on ice and snow when he accidentally struck a stranger's mailbox. Instead of just driving away as he could have easily done, he took the time to go up to the house, own up to his mistake, and apologize, according to Tank's Good News.

Sullivan wanted to make amends to the homeowner, a woman named Crystal Collins. He even offered her all the money he had with him to pay for the damages. Collins wasn't mad but rather appreciated that he'd taken the time to apologize. She refused to take his money and sent him on his way. But the teen still wanted to make things right in some way. Thus, he and a friend decided to bake Collins a batch of cookies which he later hand-delivered.

She was so touched by his act of kindness that she felt that the young man's parents should know how much she appreciated the gesture. Thus, she posted security footage of Sullivan on Facebook in hopes of figuring out his real name and getting in contact with his parents.

"I'm looking for his parents - they should know what an outstanding young man they have raised," she wrote in the Facebook post, revealing the heartwarming gesture of kindness.

Before long, the post had been shared more than 13,000 times, and the story was being shown on various local news stations. Hundreds of Facebook users flooded the comments section to commend Sullivan on how well he demonstrated responsibility and ownership, traits that can sometimes be difficult for kids his age.

"What a fantastic young man! His parents have done a wonderful job of raising him," one person wrote.

"This young man has integrity, moral, self respect and respect of other people's property. He is a fine example of what we need in our society today," wrote another commenter.

The story eventually reached Sullivan's mother, who was filled with pride and became emotional upon hearing of her son's good deed that she didn't even know about.

"I honestly got teary-eyed, because it was so, it's just nice to know your kids do good things when you're not around," she said, according to McGillMedia.

Acts of kindness such as this one, particularly by youth, are an inspiration to many. This was also the case in a story from 2015 when a Virginia teen named Tommy Adams went out of his way to shovel snow for an elderly man, as The Inquisitr previously reported.