December 17, 2019
Cosplay Model Liz Katz Puts Her Booty On Full Display, Teases That 'Player 2' Should 'Press Start To Join'

Cosplay vixen Liz Katz is generating a lot of heat with her latest Instagram post. Her fans know that she has a tendency to be rather seductive with her photos and videos, but this new snapshot is especially suggestive, and it doesn't look as if her followers mind one bit.

Liz uploaded this sexy photo late Monday night, and it quickly generated a lot of engagement. The cosplay model was photographed from the back, seemingly leaning against the edge of a door.

The 31-year-old blond bombshell had her locks cascading in sultry waves down her back, and she had her arms raised up high over her head, against the door. Liz arched her back to showcase her curvy backside, and had her long-sleeved shirt hiked up to show a peek of her bra -- and plenty of skin.

This sexy pose was really all about the model's booty though. Liz wore a snakeskin-print thong that provided just enough coverage to stay within Instagram's modesty requirements.

The cosplay queen's perky derriere caused quite the stir among her 1 million followers. Of course, part of the enthusiastic reaction from her fans came as a result of Liz's caption, one that synced up enticingly with the "Press Start" tattoos on the back of her legs.

As The Inquisitr previously shared, Liz had this tattoo done a while back, and she admitted it stung a bit. It isn't shown in all of her Instagram posts, but including it certainly fits with the caption in this case.

In Liz's caption, she teased that "Player 2" needed to press start to join in on the fun, and this highly suggestive note prompted a lot of saucy reactions. In the first nine hours or so after Liz had uploaded the seductive snapshot, more than 50,000 of her fans showed their love by liking it.

Liz's shot also received nearly 750 comments overnight. While plenty of the notes were simply appreciative, this particular snap also prompted a fair number of notes that were a bit on the naughty side.

"I greatly appreciate this liz," complimented one follower.

"Holy moly. What a great view," teased another fan.

"Wow you are so just wow i have no other words," shared someone else.

"Coolest tattoos I've ever seen!!" remarked an impressed follower.

Posting intensely seductive photos is nothing new for Liz, although this one did seem especially saucy alongside the caption she wrote. How will she manage to top this one? Chances seem good that the cosplay queen already has something else sexy on the way, and her followers will be anxious to see what she creates next.