December 17, 2019
Blake Shelton Reveals The Not So Romantic Gift He's Getting Gwen Stefani For Christmas

Blake Shelton joked about the pricey but not exactly romantic gift he could get girlfriend Gwen Stefani for Christmas this year. The country star was asked about his holiday gifting plans for his fellow The Voice coach in a new interview backstage at the NBC singing show on December 16, where he quipped that he'll be giving the mom of three nothing but cash this year.

Blake made the confession after Access Hollywood correspondent Zuri Hall asked Blake and Kelly Clarkson about the gifts they'll be giving out this festive season as the "God's Country" singer was quizzed on what he'll give "the woman who has everything."

"Money," Blake bluntly responded. "I just give her… 'Here's some money!'"

"I just give her, like, some cash," he then quipped as Kelly laughed at his less than thoughtful gesture for his girlfriend of four years.

After the host scolded Blake, he jokingly admitted that he'd go that extra mile and would "put it in an envelope" for the stunning former No Doubt singer.

"I'll just put a couple of hundreds dollars [in an envelope]," the "God Gave Me You" singer then jokingly doubled down on his Christmas gift for Gwen, as he teased that "she loves it" when he hands over the cash with a bow on top of the envelope.

Kelly had her own ideas for how Blake could hand over the cash to his girlfriend, though.

The star joked that her fellow The Voice coach could show how sincere he was being when he gave the cash by shedding a tear at the same time.

"Put a solitary tear with it," the mom of two told him during the interview as she put her finger to her eye to draw a line down her face to show where the tear would go. "[That says] I love you!" she said.

While Blake probably won't actually just hand over an envelope containing a couple of hundred dollars to his girlfriend when December 25 rolls around next week, it sounds like Kelly most definitely has the star blown out of the water when it comes to gift giving.

The star admitted in the same interview that she always goes big with gifts, particularly when it comes to her two children, because growing up she didn't always have a lot of presents to open from her family.

"A lot of years it was all about Jesus," she explained to Zuri and Blake, admitting that her family would tell her they wouldn't be giving out too many presents because "gifts take away from that."

"I'm like, 'that's just code for we're really poor!'" the "Since U Been Gone" singer then joked, as she revealed that's why she now "vomits presents" for her nearest and dearest during the festive season.

Blake's latest tease about his romance with Gwen comes shortly after the star addressed rampant reports suggesting that the twosome may already be married.