December 17, 2019
Monica Ruiz, Star Of Controversial Peloton Commercial, Scores Role On 'The Bold And The Beautiful'

Monica Ruiz is the star of the moment, having recently appeared in the controversial Peloton exercise bike commercial that had the nation talking. Despite how much backlash the advertisement received, it has helped get Ruiz's name out there. TMZ recently reported that Ruiz just landed a role on the soap opera The Bold and the Beautiful.

The actress reportedly accepted this role with little hesitation. Ruiz's part on the show doesn't sound too intensive at this point, with her actual shoot lasting only one day. Nevertheless, it could certainly lead to more opportunities for the 32-year-old actress. Inside sources say Ruiz will be getting paid a flat fee of $2,000 for the episode she'll appear in. It is expected to air in January of 2020.

Ruiz was recently the target of some pretty intense backlash due to playing the "Peloton wife" in the exercise bike company's holiday commercial which went viral for all the wrong reasons. In the spot, Ruiz's ad husband surprises her with a Peloton bike on Christmas morning. She then hesitantly embarks upon a life-changing fitness journey that she thanks her husband for. Viewers took offense to the advertisement, as it appeared her husband was suggesting she needed to lose weight while she was already quite thin.

The backlash caused Ruiz to have to go on the Today Show and emphasize that she doesn't want to become known as simply the woman from the Peloton commercial. She hopes the crash-and-burn of the advertisement won't hold her back from landing other acting jobs.

"I hope people can see me as an actress. I like to do movies and TV, and I'm not actuality the Peloton lady, (so) let me work other jobs," she said.

Despite the jokes directed her way, Ruiz assured the nation that she's doing well and is just ready to move on from this whole debacle.

"I just wanted to let everyone know I'm fine. I'm OK, I'm not in a rehab for mental health anywhere," she said.

Actor Ryan Reynolds heard her plea and enlisted Ruiz to appear in a commercial for his Aviation Gin, as The Inquisitr previously reported. Reynolds turned the controversy into a laughing matter, with Ruiz sitting at a table with two friends, appearing stoic and scared. She chugs down gin while her friends appear concerned for her.

"This gin is really smooth," she says.

Her friends offer her their own beverages.

"You're safe here," they tell her.