November 25, 2019
Gwen Stefani Rocks Fishnets And Camo Mini-Dress, Says It's 'Funny' That She Matches Kelly Clarkson

Gwen Stefani revealed that she and Kelly Clarkson were twinning ahead of Monday night's episode of The Voice. The two coaches' stunning ensembles didn't look exactly alike, but they were equally sparkly.

In a video that she uploaded to her Instagram stories, Gwen, 50, shared the moment that she and Kelly, 37, realized that they were dressed similarly. Gwen was rocking a long-sleeved sequined mini-dress featuring a camouflage print in green, silver, gold, and black. There was a slash-like cutout right above the bust on the right side of the garment. The right sleeve and mock neck was constructed out of black lace, giving the dress a fun, funky edge. A hint of the same sheer lace trimmed the bottom of the leg-baring garment. Gwen completed her ensemble with a pair of black thigh-high boots, and she accessorized her outfit with a pair of silver chandelier earrings.

Gwen Stefani was standing outside of her trailer on the set of The Voice when she noticed Kelly Clarkson walking toward her.

"Amazing," Gwen said as soon as she saw her co-star's outfit.

When Kelly reached Gwen, she commented on their similar outfits.

"I stalked her, and I was like, 'What are you wearing?'" Kelly quipped.

Kelly Clarkson was also rocking a glittering dress, but hers was gold and black. It featured an asymmetrical hem that was short on one side and long on the other, and the bottom of the garment was trimmed with black feathers. She completed her look with a pair of black tights and black high-heel booties. Like Gwen, Kelly also wore a large pair of statement earrings. However, hers were gold instead of silver.

In one of the numerous videos that Gwen shared on her Instagram stories, Kelly can be heard pointing out that she and Gwen were both wearing their hair partially pulled back on one side. However, Gwen had her hair styled in full, fluffy curls, while Kelly's blond locks only had the slightest wave.

Gwen's beauty look included bright green eyeliner, and she asked Kelly if she was sporting the same eye makeup as she leaned in to take a closer look at her face.

"I have no idea," Kelly responded.

In another video, Gwen talked about her twinning moment with Kelly during her car ride to The Voice red carpet.

"Me and Kelly look like we basically called each other to be matching today," Gwen said. "It's so funny."

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Gwen Stefani has said that some fans of her fans credit Blake Shelton's influence on her for the camouflage in her wardrobe, due to her boyfriend's fondness for hunting. However, during an interview about her new status as a Fashion Icon Award winner, Gwen pointed out that she was wearing the green print long before Blake was a part of her life.