November 25, 2019
Donald Trump's Reported Black Voter Support Is Democrats' 'Worst Nightmare,' Says Author

An Emerson poll released Thursday showed that 34.5 percent of black likely voters approve of Donald Trump's presidency. The report was followed by a Rasmussen poll on Friday that showed 34 percent black likely voter approval, Breitbart reported.

According to black author and Trump supporter Deneen Borelli, the results are Democrats' "worst nightmare."

Speaking to Breitbart News, Trump campaign Principal Deputy Communications Director Erin Perrine suggested that the poll results were not surprising.

"It might shock Democrats that support for President Trump is rising with Black Americans but it shouldn't. Blacks are more prosperous than ever because of President Trump with record-low unemployment and rising paychecks."
Perrine believes that the news will invigorate the Trump campaign's "Black Voices for Trump" political coalition, which was launched in November. In particular, she believes that the results will help the movement spread the "facts and truth" about the benefits of Trump's America for the black community.

Rasmussen said they invested more money than standard polls to hone in on likely voters as opposed to all registered voters — the latter group of which includes people that don't participate in national elections. According to the American polling company, the investment is to ensure that polling results are more reflective of what will take place on election day.

Speaking to the Epoch Times, assistant professor at Emerson College Spencer Kimball said the results of their study could be tied to various factors. Kimball said it could be "variance within the subsets," making the data an anomaly, or it could be the "start of a trend." He also noted that Trump's approval ratings with minority voters have been higher as of late.

Brookings Institution claims that the race for black voters is a "more vital primary" than the early states.

"Both parties should not discount the powerful recent election results in which Black votes determine the outcome," the report stated, pointing toward the runoff election in which Democratic Louisiana Gov. John Bel Edwards managed to beat his Republican challenger due to turnouts in Black-majority cities. The report also suggested that the runoff could have been avoided by focusing on galvanizing black voters earlier on in the process.

"...momentum among Black voters is a better indicator of success than winning in Iowa or other early primary states."
According to political commentator Sally Kohn, writing for The Daily Beast, Democrats are making a mistake by focusing on white working-class voters in the wake of Trump's 2016 win and treating the "black base" as an "afterthought" or "inconvenience."