November 25, 2019
Rod Rosenstein Says 'Truth Matters' In Tweet & Twitter Claps Back

Former Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein does not post on social media very often, but he did have something to say over the weekend. By the looks of the responses from others on Twitter, his sentiments did not necessarily resonate very well, however.

On Sunday, Rosenstein took to his Twitter page to share a quote and a link to an article in The Washington Post. The article was written by Seth Cousins, one of the jurors in the Roger Stone case. It seems one passage that was written by Cousins specifically caught Rosenstein's attention.

"Our unanimous conclusion was this: The truth matters. At a time when so much of our public discourse is based on deception or just lies, it is more important than ever that we still have places where the truth can be presented, examined and discerned," Rosenstein quoted from Cousins' piece.

Rosenstein only has around 33,000 followers on Twitter. Despite that relatively small following, this particular post drew quite a bit of attention and engagement. Around 17,000 people liked the tweet and slightly more than 4,000 retweeted it. More than 5,200 people have commented so far, taking a moment to push back against his social media sentiments regarding the importance of the truth.

"Unfortunately you chose not to do just that, as you stood behind Barr complicitly as he misled the country. If they succeed in destroying our democracy you will have been part of the process. I don't know how you can avoid that guilt but you have a lot to make up for sir," wrote one Rosenstein critic.

"Rod why did you cave? Why did you side with liar BARR? Why should we believe you now? At one time I saw you as a hero... then Barr came along & you flipped to the DARK SIDE," blasted another person on Twitter.

"It is truly ironic that you should choose to post this after doing your best to protect the least truthful administration in the modern era. When truth mattered you were silent," criticized someone else.

By the looks of things, Rosenstein's tweet received very little in terms of positive responses among the 5,000+ comments. Overall, the general consensus among those who took the time to comment on the post said that the former deputy attorney general was a disappointment, morally complicit, and on the wrong side of history.

Rosenstein appointed Special Counsel Robert Mueller in May 2017 and oversaw his ongoing investigation until Mueller's report was released earlier this year. Rosenstein then gave his resignation in April 2019, shortly after Attorney General William Barr was confirmed and took office.

A number of people posted questions that they still have about Rosenstein's actions during his tenure within the Department of Justice. Others suggested that this type of post comes as too little, too late. The former deputy attorney general has not added any replies to his original post, seemingly intent on letting it stand on its own despite the volume of pushback it has received.