October 21, 2019
'The Affair' Recap For Season 5, Episode 9: Noah's Fast Fall From Grace

For Season 5, Episode 9, The Affair suddenly took a deep dive into the "me too" movement, with Noah Solloway (Dominic West) being slotted into a role similar to the one Harvey Weinstein played in real life. In the episode, Helen Solloway (Laura Tierney) picked up where the story left off last Sunday after she took a call from a writer for Vanity Fair who was obviously digging for information about her former husband.

Like the spoilers spilled, Noah wondered what had transpired between Helen and Petra, the writer. His ex-wife called Petra "pretty annoying" and said she started out by stating that "she was just fact-checking" but then proceeded to "ask questions" about their divorce. Helen supplied the standard noncommital "no comment."

Helen's lack of cooperation did little to soften the blow when the Vanity Fair piece came out the following day, placing Noah directly into the "me too" movement for which he so vehemently promised Helen he had not been involved. In fact, the article brought accusations from six women from Noah's past, half of whom wished to remain anonymous. Accusations ranged from inappropriate comments and unwarranted advances to emotional distress and pointed sexual innuendos.

News at the time of publication was quick and damaging, much like the wildfire that suddenly took over a large area of Los Angeles, prompting evacuations that hit home for the youngest Solloway kids. Noah and Helen were not allowed to gain access to Brooklyn and Stacey after their school called and said Brooklyn had been in a fistfight with his friend due to what the Vanity Fair story said about his dad.

But the fallout did not stop there. Noah was suddenly told that his movie's title had been changed and then he was offered compensation for taking his name off the film altogether even though he wrote the book upon which the movie was based. Helen was fired from her design job because of her former husband's alleged actions, and Stacey came undone after seeing an interview during which time her dad was being torn to shreds via one of the accusing women.

Sasha (Claes Bang) took this grand opportunity to try and get Helen to forget about Noah, and in the process, she realized that the actor had caused the flare-up in the first place.

In the second part of the Showtime show, Whitney (Julia Goldani Telles) learned of the ramifications from the Vanity Fair story but was stuck at JFK because of a canceled flight while trying to get back to Los Angeles and her family.

Since a new flight had been assigned that would take off hours later and since she was beyond upset, the oldest Solloway child headed for her ex-boyfriend's loft. Furkat (Jonathan Cake) was nice at first but not long after she arrived he acted like a louse. So, Whitney went back to the airport, only to become uncomfortable in a shared Uber since she was sitting between two guys who kept looking down her shirt.

Once she boarded her flight, Whitney was surprised when she came face-to-face with Audrey (Sarah Ramos), one of Noah's accusers. Whitney confronted her dad's former student, telling her she was ruining the lives of her entire family when she talked about her dad, who was a main character in her upcoming memoir.

Audrey told Whitney she was sorry, but that Noah had ruined her early quest to become a writer because of his actions, which she described in detail. Before their flight arrived at its destination, Noah's daughter was convinced that her dad was in the wrong, and she told him so in no uncertain terms.

Find out what happens next when The Affair airs on Sunday on Showtime.