October 21, 2019
Sara Underwood Takes A Naked Forest Shower With A Newspaper On Instagram

Sara Underwood has updated her Instagram. The Playboy model is renowned for her outdoorsy ways and vegan lifestyle – while fans are likely subscribing to Sara's updates for that killer body, followers of the blonde's account do seem to dig the way she leads her life.

Sara is the definition of offbeat. For example, the star has updated her Instagram in a mesh bra with a bowl of Honey Oh's. Today's post didn't feature food. It did, however, bring an outdoor shower and a fun accessory.

Sara's update showed her surrounded by forestry and seemed to be taken in the middle of nowhere, although the cabin that so frequently shows up on the star's Instagram was visible. The model had gone au naturel today, with Sara enjoying an outdoor shower. There was a slight fairytale feel to the image, with the conical cabin seen lit up from the inside, although eyes were likely on Sara herself. The model was in her birthday suit as she took in the spray, although her modesty was protected via an open newspaper with a fun headline. Sara appeared with her legs slightly apart and what seemed to be a head full of shampoo. She wore a surprised expression, giving the snap a fun and sexy finish.

Sara's post today was a promotional one: the model was advertising a male grooming product. Promotional posts from Sara are fairly frequent, with the majority showing Sara push affordable clothing brand Fashion Nova. While the name-plugging doesn't render Sara unique among Instagram's swimwear faces, the star's unusual lifestyle does.

That said, Sara has compared herself to a celebrity. In an interview with Esquire, Sara mentioned actress Kristen Bell.

"I think, or I like to think, that she and I look alike a little bit. We're both kind of like little blonds with little features on our faces — it's the battle of little blondes with little features. That's good. And I heard her Showtime show isn't doing that well; Attack of the Show is kind of rocking it and our fans are only growing, so I think I might be able to pull this one out," Sara told the magazine.

Outdoor showers from Sara have been seen before. Earlier this year, the model enjoyed one in a desert setting, although that image did show Sara in her trademark two-piece.

Sara is now something of a heavyweight on Instagram, boasting over 9 million followers. Fans wishing to see more of her should follow her Instagram.