October 21, 2019
'General Hospital' Spoilers Tease Hayden's Daughter Falls Ill & Finn May Finally Learn The Truth

The week of October 21 is shaping up to be a wild one on General Hospital. Spoilers from a new sneak peek reveal a big development related to Hayden Barnes and Dr. Hamilton Finn, and fans are anxious to see how this plays out.

The new sneak peek shared Monday morning via the show's Instagram page teases that viewers will finally get their first glimpse of Hayden and Finn's daughter. General Hospital spoilers indicate that the little girl will apparently be ill, and will be brought to GH for treatment.

The preview clip shows Finn at GH, near the little girl's room. He's looking questioningly at Hayden in the hallway. Hayden will admit that the little girl asleep in the bed is her daughter, and she'll add that the little one is Finn's daughter, too.

Will Hayden really tell Finn the truth at last, or will this be another fake-out by the writers? Viewers have previously seen Hayden supposedly tell Finn that she had never miscarried, but that was a daydream on her part.

The writers also utilized this type of trickery last week, when they made it appear that Nelle Benson would tell Michael Corinthos the truth about their baby, Jonah, leading Michael to lunge toward Brad Cooper. Unfortunately, that was a bad dream Brad was having.

In this instance, there do seem to be some General Hospital spoilers suggesting that this encounter between Hayden and Finn will truly happen. As Soap Central details, Finn will seek out Hayden this week. In addition, he will end up confused and at a loss for words. That would certainly fit with the big reveal about his daughter happening.

Before Hayden and Finn's daughter pops up in Port Charles, General Hospital spoilers from the sneak peek for Monday's episode note that Finn will do some digging around. He has actually already started to suspect that Hayden might have lied to him about miscarrying, back when she left him.

Finn will ask Curtis Ashford some questions to see if Curtis knows anything about Hayden's time away from Port Charles, looking for some information that can help him. Of course, Finn probably won't learn much from Curtis, since Hayden has kept him in the dark about her daughter, too. Jasper Jacks knows about the little girl, but Jax has covered for Hayden so far.

Elizabeth Webber Baldwin doesn't even know about her niece yet. General Hospital spoilers indicate that Liz will make a comment to Hayden about how she'll be a great mother someday, probably after watching Hayden with one of the boys. Will Hayden utilize this opportunity to tell her sister about her child?

As Finn seemingly faces this bombshell from his ex, Hayden, Felicia will be anxious to get Anna back to Port Charles. Will Hayden and Finn's daughter be seriously ill, and will this prove too big an obstacle for Finn and Anna to overcome? General Hospital spoilers hint that this will be a juicy week filled with big developments, and fans will not want to miss what's coming next.