October 9, 2019
'Teen Mom 2' Star Chelsea Houska Under Fire From Fans, Accused Of Being Mean To Her Mom

Some fans of Teen Mom 2 aren't too happy about the way Chelsea Houska treated her mom when she had some rough news to deliver.

The MTV reality television show just gave viewers a look at some family drama as Chelsea told her mom, Mary, that she and husband Cole DeBoer had purchased some land and would be building their own home -- one that was 45 minutes further from Mary's home. It was an emotional scene as Mary fought back tears when she heard the news, In Touch Weekly noted.

As Mary struggled to maintain her composure, Chelsea argued that it wasn't a big deal, despite her mom's obvious displeasure at the news. Mary broke down as she realized that she would not be able to do as much with her grandchildren, especially in the winter when the drive would be too difficult.

"It's not going to be as bad as you think it is. I promise," Chelsea tried to reassure her.

As In Touch Weekly wrote, fans were not very happy about the way Chelsea handled the situation and thought that she was insensitive to her mom's obvious disappointment at not getting to see her grandchildren as much. Many took to social media to voice their displeasure.

"I [love] Chelsea & she's my fave mom, but the no sympathy for your mother when she's that upset & crying in front of u is extremely saddening to me," one fan tweeted after the episode aired.

"I love Chelsea but I HATE the way she's talking to her mom," another fan shared.

While not many seemed to disagree with Chelsea and Cole's decision to build a new home -- especially as it had been their dream to do so -- they wished the Teen Mom 2 star had put more thought into how her mother would feel. Fans of the show have seen the close relationship between Chelsea and her mother, who goes with them on family trips and is frequently at events for her grandchildren.

As The Inquisitr reported, Chelsea made sure to let fans know that what they saw on television wasn't the entirety of her interaction with her mom. After the episode aired, Chelsea took to Twitter to tell fans that she and her mom "hugged it out" afterward and that she reassured her mother that everything would work out. She also hinted that the show edited their conversation to make it look worse, saying that they left out an entire part of the conversation where she talked her mom down from her disappointment.