October 9, 2019
Mady Gosselin Looks All Grown Up In Recent Instagram Photo

Fans first met Mady Gosselin in 2007 when the reality television show Jon and Kate Plus Eight first aired. Mady and her twin sister Cara were the two children that the now-infamous Jon and Kate Gosselin already had before welcoming sextuplets, Collin, Joel, Aiden, Leah, Alexis, and Hannah. Mady and Cara's personal lives were primarily hidden from the public eye after their parents' highly publicized divorce. However, now that Mady is officially in college and out on her own, she is more active online, including on her Instagram page. The young reality television star looked stunning in her recent Instagram selfie, according to InTouch.

While most fans remember Mady as a strong-headed 6-year-old who liked to take control of her younger siblings, the twin has grown up off-camera. In Mady's recent post, she smiled at the camera, the sun illuminating her face. She wore a jean jacket and big hoop earrings. The former reality television star turned 19-years-old on October 8.

Kate took the post as an opportunity to publicly wish Mady happy birthday through the comment section.

"Happy birthday (again) my precious GORGEOUS baby girl. It's been a fun day, and even tho we spent it apart, I feel like I was there with you (thanks to our friend ft)! More celebrating to come! Can't wait! I love you!"
Things haven't necessarily been easy for Mady, having grown up under the often unkind media spotlight. Her parents' famous split and custody battle in 2009 also put intense pressure on the children, who were still quite young back then. The family has not been whole for some time now, as both Hannah and Collin Gosselin live full time with Jon and are under his custody, while the remaining sextuplets live with Kate. Now that Mady and Cara have moved away to college, Kate has only four children living under her roof. Jon has no contact with the children that do not live with him, as The Inquisitr previously reported. While Hannah remains partially in contact with her other siblings, Collin's contact has been very limited.

Jon's been mostly quiet about his ex-wife for the past decade but has been opening up more recently due to the gag order placed on him during the divorce settlement having been lifted.

In a recent interview, Jon opened up about Kate's decision to be on a dating show.

"Kate is not doing the shows for her family, Kate is doing it for herself. She's narcissistic and selfish. That's it. Period. All of this is for her."