October 9, 2019
Carrie Underwood Flaunts Killer Legs In Rare Rap Video: 'Fill In For Ludacris'

Carrie Underwood might not conjure up a rap image, but it looks like the Cry Pretty singer loves the hip-hop world just like everyone else. Although the 36-year-old's career is largely steeped in country music, the latest video posted to Carrie's Instagram page has taken a rare and unexpected streak. In the clip, Carrie appeared to be dedicating her video to the world of rap.

Carrie was delivering her usual vibe, dropping jaws in a sheer mini dress in Nashville recently. Although today's video didn't deprive fans of the star's enviable legs, the focus wasn't on the glitz and glam of her fashionable dresses.

The video opened up with Carrie on stage as she announced that her "Cry Pretty 360" tour had come up with a new concept. Carrie stated that the tour had reached out to the general public, asking everyone to send in content of themselves. Carrie's idea was to have the individuals who sent in material to join her on stage, and that's exactly what she did.

The blonde was seen in a mash-up with various people while rap tunes were belted out, with Carrie herself joining in by dancing and singing.

Carrie spoke to the crowd to explain what she had planned.

"So we thought, why not get some of those people on stage with me during this tour and maybe, just maybe get to come up on stage and, uh, rap a bit with me and fill in for Ludacris."
The caption from Carrie thanked all of the individuals who joined her on stage.

The star recently opened up about how she typically performs alone, mentioning that doesn't share the stage with many people. Speaking to The Guardian earlier this year, Carrie revealed how she feels on stage.

"A lot of times I feel like I'm alone. I'm obviously aware of people being around me. But it's like I'm in the song alone on stage. It is a good place. I like to be alone," Carrie told the news outlet.

"And so I feel like when I'm alone and singing and I hear nothing but music, it's a nice place to be," the singer added.

Carrie's recent tour appears to have been a big hit with her fans. The video mash-ups posted to her Instagram page frequently see responses from individuals who personally attended the gigs. In addition to receiving praise about her shows, the star also receives many comments about her style, fabulous legs, and family values.

In other news, Carrie and her husband, Mike Fisher, recently welcomed their second child earlier this year.