October 9, 2019
Kamala Harris Is The Latest Democratic Candidate Targeted By Jacob Wohl & Jack Burkman With Affair Allegations

Democratic 2020 presidential hopeful Kamala Harris is the latest candidate to be targeted by right-wing provocateurs Jacob Wohl and Jack Burkman. A few days ago, Wohl and Burkman held a "press conference" where they made allegations about Elizabeth Warren having a torrid affair with a young Marine veteran. Now, they are alleging that Harris has been having a fling with a personal trainer.

Tuesday evening, Burkman shared these latest claims via his Twitter page. He wanted to alert the media that he would be exposing Harris' supposed affair with a former personal trainer. He will be joined by Wohl for the presser and he insists that the details they have will shock the nation.

As is typically the case with these media events, it seems to be slated to take place in front of Burkman's home in Arlington, Virginia. He claims the personal trainer will be there and, in subsequent tweets, he insisted the personal trainer has already taken a lie detector test and is not being paid by them.

Burkman also said via Twitter that there are at least a dozen photos that show his client working with Harris over a number of years, which, while being able to prove a connection between the two, doesn't prove that an affair took place.

Throughout Tuesday evening, Burkman added additional tweets about the bombshells he says he's ready to drop. He said he has proof of sexual relations between Harris and this former personal trainer and he noted they will have heavy security and no tolerance for protestors at the event.

In another post, Burkman shared that they will again have Dunkin' Donuts there for attendees. However, he pleaded that the "morbidly obese" attendees they often attract ensure they only eat one or two donuts.

As The Inquisitr detailed last week, Wohl and Burkman joined forces to stir up rumors claiming that Warren had been involved in a raunchy fling with a Marine veteran.

Wohl and Burkman held that event in Virginia, as a man named Kelvin Whelly read a statement filled with explicit claims of his adventures with Warren. Video from the event showed that Whelly had a hard time reading his supposed statement without laughing.

As The Daily Beast detailed, Whelly's claims about his service record did not stand up to scrutiny. Warren didn't engage in any direct commentary on this, although The Inquisitr noted that she did troll the trio of men via social media by referencing her college days as a "cougar" at the University of Houston.

Wohl and Burkman have previously made allegations of a sexual nature against Pete Buttigieg and Robert Mueller and they have made claims of fraud against Minnesota Democratic Representative Ilhan Omar. Much like what happened with Warren last week, those claims fell apart under scrutiny and rarely seem to be taken very seriously by anybody outside their circle of supporters.

It seems quite likely that Wednesday afternoon's event regarding Harris will follow this same pattern. Details about the supposed affair will be available as Wohl and Burkman hold their event, although it probably will not take long for the allegations to be fact-checked, proving -- or disproving -- their validity.