October 9, 2019
'Black Ink Crew's' Sky Days Shows Skin In Cut-Out Dress

Black Ink Crew's Sky Days has been sharing photos of herself with another man lately, and it's got her fans talking. It all kicked off a couple of days ago when she shared a photo of herself rocking a black dress as she attended the BET Hip Hop Awards. The photo can't be shared here, but you can check it out on her Instagram page.

This update showed Sky walking towards the camera, as she brushed her pink hair with her right hand. Her dress was black and hugged all of her curves. And thanks to the cut-out accent in the front, her chest was on display. The cut-out featured a sheer strip of black fabric, and the top of the dress featured multiple straps.

Days also rocked gold eyeshadow, along with glossy lipstick.

The reality TV star followed this update up with a series of three photos. The first two photos showed Sky holding hands with rapper, 600 Breezy, as they walked around outside. The final photo showed the two posing indoors.

The couple photo inspired many of Days' fans to leave a comment in the comments section.

"Finally sis!!!!! I'm happy for you," said a fan.

"I love you sky but I wanna fight you for taking my man," joked another fan.

"He bouta get all the fresh tattoos," said a follower.

"Why I'm just finding out sky exploring her options na but y'all look Real Good together & bae look genuinely happy, foh she's mine," said another follower.

But that wasn't all, as Sky shared two more posts of her with 600 Breezy since these updates. This included an Instagram post with a series of images that showed the pair goofing off while getting cozy. The first photo showed Sky straddling the rapper. The images then showed them laughing, and a third image caught the tattoo artist licking the rapper's face.

In these photos, Sky wore a pair of shiny and tight black pants. She also wore a bodysuit with long-sleeves, and it featured colorful graphics. Thanks to the low cut of the pants, you could see that her bodysuit had a thong-cut. She wore a bright pink wig, along with red lipstick that popped.

This update was liked over 58,000 times.

For now, fans will have to wait and see what pans out with Sky and 600 Breezy. So far, it looks like the pair are ready to be open and public about their relationship with their fans.

And for fans who can't get enough of Sky rocking tight dresses, you can check out her recent Instagram update where she popped out of a red ensemble.