October 9, 2019
'Black Ink Crew's' Young Bae Sizzles In Fiery Red Bodysuit

Black Ink Crew's Young Bae is keeping her fans updated on Instagram with a steady stream of photos. This included a recent post where she rocked a leather top. Plus, some of her recent posts showed her sporting a fiery red bodysuit, and it had fans talking.

There were two photos of her in the same outfit, one which showed her from further away. Bae posed on the ground in front of a white backdrop and wore a bodysuit and a hat.

The bodysuit appeared to be made of red leather and featured fire designs on her chest. It also had studs down the front center. Bae propped herself up with her left hand while placing her other hand on the brim of the hat.

The hat was eye-catching, featuring glittering beading throughout. The top of the hat was black, while the bottom of the hat was sparkling with diamond-like jewels.

A second photo was more zoomed in and revealed her makeup. She wore metallic eyeshadow, which was highlighted with dabs of silver. She also wore glossy lipstick with liner. Bae kept things simple and didn't wear a necklace or earrings. Young wore her hair down in curls, which she placed over her right shoulder.

This update received over 9,300 likes with fans having plenty to say in the comments section.

Many people focused on her good looks.

"You gotta start getting in these videos, movie extras or something. You're pretty af!" said a fan.

There were also fans that mentioned her relationship status.

"Bae im speechless girl you are shineing as a single mom your stunning every picture posted is stunning go girl its your time to shine love you your priceless," said a follower.

"Rob a d*mn fool to let a good one go! Keep shining," said another follower.

"Young bae I love you keep up the good work never mine the cameras I see your talent," complimented another fan.

In addition, Bae's newest social media update showed her rocking a different outfit. This time, she wore a black ensemble, which she paired with white boots.

The outfit consisted of a black blazer and a short mini skirt. She wore a white dress shirt underneath, which she left mostly unbuttoned.

The first photo showed Young from behind, which also revealed the lace-up design of the jacket. Another photo showed the reality TV star from the front, as she tugged on the front of the jacket with her hands.

She wore her hair down with a right part and accessorized with a silver hair clip by her left ear.

This photo was liked over 16,000 times.