September 6, 2019
Muhammad Ali's Former Home Is On Airbnb As A Party Venue, Angering New Jersey Neighbors

Muhammad Ali's former house in Cherry Hill, New Jersey, is now listed on Airbnb as a party venue, angering many neighbors who say that it invites wild gatherings to their residential neighborhood.

The Daily Mail reports that the property, which is on Winding Road in South Jersey, belonged to the boxer in the early '70s, has become popular on Airbnb, but neighbors are less enthusiastic, as it has been the site of fistfights and guests throwing up and passing out.

The normally quiet neighborhood is now reportedly a frequent location for wild parties, causing local officials to consider limitations on short term rentals like Airbnb. Erin Gill, chief of staff to Cherry Hill Mayor Chuck Cahn, revealed that this particular rental is upsetting that particular block.

"It is really changing the character of the neighborhood."
The mayor's office shared that over the last two years, the Cherry Hill Police Department has made 97 visits out to that particular address. A police representative explained that a month ago, a party became so out of control that a dozen officers went to the house where they broke up a fight and found two men unconscious and a third one vomiting, requiring medical help on-site.
The home rents for $1,500 a night, with a two-night minimum plus tax and a cleaning fee for the 10,000-square-foot property. A neighbor on the street, who asked to remain anonymous, explained it's like living in a commercial zone.
"These are wild parties. Not like parties where your daughter invites the school over. It's like you live next to one of those catering halls or nightclubs."
The gated property has stone floors, a hot tub and a large pool, and the property description takes advantage of the association with the boxing great.
"Either stay in our property and be a champ for a day, or knockout one of your events and be remembered like The Greatest of All Time. We create an amazing experience for you to keep for generations to come."
The homeowner, Baruch Adika, who has the house on the market for $2.76 million, blamed the problems on unruly guests who break house rules, saying that they are the minority. Adika explained that it's not his intention to disturb the neighbors, but instead, provide an experience for fans of Muhammad Ali.

The house provides indoor and outdoor space for gatherings, but neighbors continue to express concern over the crowds and the noise.