September 6, 2019
WWE News: 'Raw' Superstar Squashes Rumors Of NXT Star Retiring From Wrestling

Professional wrestling always has a lot of rumors that swirl, but how many of them end up being true? While some prove to be reality in the long run, some rumors never end up being anything and just kind of fade out into nothing. One recent rumor is that NXT superstar Kacy Catanzaro was retiring from wrestling and leaving WWE due to a back injury, but there appears to be no truth to any of that.

It has been reported by multiple outlets that promising NXT superstar Catanzaro was leaving WWE and that she actually quit this past weekend. Initial reports stated that she quit wrestling due to a back injury and that she was simply done with the sport entirely.

This has been a rather strange situation in which many people close to Catanzaro in NXT said that she is not injured at all. According to 411 Mania, she also is still under contract to WWE and hasn't left the company or totally retired from professional wrestling.

There has been very little clarity on this whole situation, but someone has now stepped up to try and set things straight. Catanzaro is dating current Monday Night Raw superstar Ricochet, and he has spoken out about the rumors which he says have virtually no truth to them.

Kacy Catanzaro heads to the ring and greets the fans.

Ricochet spoke with Sports Illustrated where it was brought up that he was dating Catanzaro. SI asked for an update on her status and if she is still with WWE, and Ricochet actually gave a bit more info than was asked for and squashed rumors of her retirement.

"She's still with the company. She's not retired at all and she's not injured. It's a tough sport and we're all hurting, but there is nothing wrong with her."
This information from Ricochet goes completely against all reports that have come out about Catanzaro in the last week. While it's still possible that anything could happen, Ricochet could have simply said nothing or chosen not to comment, but he says she is still with WWE and not seriously injured.

When he was asked if she would ever wrestle again, that is where he decided to not give as much and hinted that she has big decisions ahead of her.

"I don't know. She's very family-oriented and she wants kids, so she doesn't know if being on the road so much is for her. For me, I'm already too deep — I'm on the road all the time. She loves wrestling and she loves it here, and she's so good at it, so it's a very tough decision for her."
There have been a lot of positive things said about Kacy Catanzaro during her time in NXT, and it came as quite a shock when rumors circulated that she left WWE entirely. Of course, speculation isn't always truth in the world of professional wrestling and Ricochet wanted to try and set the record straight on a fellow superstar and his girlfriend.