September 6, 2019
Ashley Graham Pulls Down Pants, Shows Off Baby Bump & Underwear In Candid Instagram Video

Ashley Graham is not letting her pregnancy keep her from putting some serious effort at the gym. Known for her dedication to fitness, the body positivity icon and proud mother-to-be is still hitting the gym hard, despite her ever-growing baby bump.

Ever since she announced last month that she and her husband of nine years, Justin Ervin, were expecting their first child, Ashley has been chronicling her experience on Instagram, to the delight of her legion of fans. In classic Ashley Graham style, the bubbly plus-size model got very real about the joys and challenges of pregnancy, while also touching on her workout routine and the changes that have occurred since she became pregnant.

In a candid video shared to Instagram on Friday afternoon, the gorgeous Sports Illustrated: Swimsuit Edition model opened up about her struggle to find workout clothes that can accommodate her expanding baby bump. Filmed at the gym in the middle of her training, Ashley confessed that she was "growing out" of all of her workout pants and turned to her fans, particularly to the fellow expecting mothers among her massive following, for help and guidance.

"Pregnant women of the world," Ashley began the short and refreshingly honest clip. "What workout pants do you work out in?"

"I need help," she candidly admitted, right before asking her followers where she could find comfortable and reliable maternity workout pants.

To illustrate her plight, the stunning brunette showcased her workout outfit, comprised of a simple white T-shirt, which was knotted in the front to show off her midsection, and a pair of striped black-and-white leggings that barely fit her growing belly.

While her workout pants were certainly chic – they sported elegant mesh inserts along the calves, for a little extra oomph – and made her voluptuous thighs look incredible, they didn't stretch above her prominent baby bump, something that Ashley labeled as uncomfortable and a hindrance. To better put her point across, she didn't hesitate to pull down her pants and show the ladies exactly what she meant by comfy workout gear, completely revealing the black briefs she wore underneath.

Ashley's candid video struck a deep chord among her huge fanbase, garnering more than 500,000 likes within an hour of having been posted. Fans were completely won over by her honest, unbridled reaction and flocked to the comments section to offer their thoughts, suggestions, and support on the matter.

While many shared their own experience when it comes to working out during pregnancy and finding appropriate maternity activewear, some people suggested that Ashley should start her own sportswear line for pregnant women, in the same vein as her sexy plus-size lingerie and bikini collections for Addition Elle and Swimsuits For All, respectively.

"I predict maternity wear coming soon by Ashley Graham," one person wrote in a comment that racked up 898 likes from Ashley's followers.

"We need you to do a plus size affordable maternity activewear (and regular honestly) line! I'm having a hard time finding good clothes!!" replied another.

Plenty of comments were also focused on Ashley's stunning look. The 31-year-old hottie sported a fresh-faced look that let her natural beauty shine through. At the same time, she put her voluptuous figure on full display and even slapped her curvy backside in a cheeky gesture that had everyone eyeing her bountiful curves.

"Omg! U make everything look good," read one comment, with 204 people agreeing.

"You literally made this look yours over the course of an hour #trendsetter," Ashley's personal trainer, Kira Stokes, wrote, with 512 people hitting the "Like" button on her reply.

Fans who want to see more of Ashley and her jaw-dropping baby bump photos can follow the model on Instagram. So far, the proud mama has been very open about her pregnancy, and fans can expect more captivating updates to come.