September 6, 2019
Prosecutors Want Felicity Huffman To Serve One Month In Jail For Her Role In The College Admissions Scandal

After months of anticipation, actress Felicity Huffman now has an idea of what kind of punishment she could face for her role in the infamous college admissions scandal. In May, the 56-year-old former Desperate Housewives star admitted to spending $15,000 to have the SAT exam answers of her daughter, Sophia Grace Macy, corrected. On Friday, prosecutors revealed in a court filing that they recommend that the star and wife to actor William H. Macy spend one month behind bars, according to NBC News. In addition, she would be required to pay a $20,000 fine. After a month in jail, Huffman would then have a year of supervised release.

While Huffman's legal team was, of course, pushing for her to have no time behind bars at all. However, the prosecution team thinks that house arrest would hardly be adequate punishment. After all, Huffman is a wealthy celebrity who lives in an expansive mansion with all the amenities she could want.

The prosecution wrote a statement to the judge who will be serving in the case to explain why they believe the actress should spend time in jail.

"In the context of this case, neither probation nor home confinement (in a large home in the Hollywood Hills with an infinity pool) would constitute meaningful punishment or deter others from committing similar crimes. Millions of parents send their kids to college every year. But they don't buy fake SAT scores and joke about it along the way."
The last remark made by the prosecution team is a reference to an email Huffman wrote in 2017 to the alleged mastermind of the admissions scandal, Rick Singer.

When she admitted her guilt, Huffman also revealed that her daughter had no knowledge of what had been done to help her succeed.

"Ruh Ro! Looks like [my daughter's high school] wants to provide own proctor," Huffman's lighthearted message read, according to Entertainment Weekly.

Another famous figure that has become a face of this scandal which investigators have dubbed "Varsity Blues," is Lori Loughlin. Loughlin, the former star of Full House, and her designer husband, Mossimo Giannulli, allegedly paid $500,000 to get their daughters, Olivia Jade and Isabella, into the University of Southern California. They also reportedly portrayed their daughters as crew recruits despite the fact that neither girl is known to have participated in the sport.

Instead of pleading guilty as Huffman did, Loughlin and Giannulli are fighting their charges and have claimed that they were under the false impression that the funds were to be used as a donation.