September 6, 2019
WWE News: Former Divas Champion Opens Up About Overcoming Sex Tape Humiliation

WWE superstar Paige recently sat down with Fox News to discuss her career with the company. During the conversation, they discussed a variety of topics about her journey thus far, which included an uncomfortable conversation about the sex tapes involving her that appeared online two years ago.

The former wrestler, who is known in real life as Saraya-Jade Bevis, was the victim of a phone hacker in 2017, who shared tapes of her performing private acts with WWE superstars Brad Maddox and Xavier Woods.

The former Divas Champion revealed that the experience was so horrible that it had a negative impact on both her physical and medical health, causing her to lose hair and have disturbing thoughts. In that time, she became anorexic and had to attend therapy to deal with the stress.

"Obviously, it's very hard to stay positive when you have something that's so publicly humiliating to yourself and then still to this day, this was over two years ago now. I did suffer a lot. I did. Just emotionally because at the time I was having my neck surgery too, and I had stress-induced anorexia. I lost all my hair. I had some really horrible thoughts. I had to go to therapy. It took me a while to get over because obviously, no woman wants to go through that."
In addition to the tapes appearing online, the WWE star was also suffering from a career-threatening injury and in a well-publicized rocky relationship with Alberto Del Rio. She also received a strike from WWE for violating their Wellness Policy for a second time.

Since then, Paige has turned her negative experience into a positive one. Along with the Bella Twins, she's been helping others by instructing young women be careful about what they record on their phones, even if they trust their partner.

Paige compared the tapes to the injury that eventually forced her to retire from in-ring competition. The 27-year-old believes that the situation can't be changed and there's no point dwelling over the past.

In recent times, Paige has forged a new career for herself in WWE as an onscreen personality and ambassador for the company. She's served as the General Manager of SmackDown Live and as a manager for Asuka and Kari Sane, putting her promo skills to good use.

On top of her current WWE role, she was also the subject of the critically acclaimed biography Fighting With My Family, which saw Florence Pugh play her in a story that documents her journey from working-class dreamer to WWE superstar.