September 6, 2019
The White Claw Shortage Is Effectively Ending Summer, Social Media Says

Popular spiked seltzer brand White Claw announced Friday that there was a nationwide shortage of its popular alcoholic beverages. This insuffiency sent social media into a frenzy as social media users couldn't resist cracking jokes about the low-calorie drink that is a favorite among millennials.

A spokesperson for the company said that White Claw sales have far exceeded expectations, hence leading to a shortage of the drinks that are a favorite among younger drinkers, according to CNN report on Friday. White Claw sales were up a whopping 283 percent in July 2019 when compared to numbers earned in their 2018 fiscal year.

One Twitter user linked the disappearance of the popular beverage to the announcement that Popeyes was at least temporarily discontinuing its popular chicken sandwich after being unable to keep up with the demand at restaurants nationwide, per Vox.

"First, it was Popeyes and their Chicken Sandwich," he said. "Who is next? White Claw."

Another Twitter commenter apparently joked when that person -- who attached two alarm emoji for effect -- said that the White Claw shortage was a "National Emergency."

"Summer is officially over," one user replied on Twitter.

One person on Twitter went so far as to proclaim that White Claw was the best hard seltzer brand around.

Despite the fact that many social media users seemed bothered by the news, many weren't losing sleep over the announcement.

"Okay, but White Claw is actually bad," one man said on Twitter. "Everybody stop it; the joke has gone too far."

Other White Claw haters took to social media, too.

"Am I the only white girl that doesn't enjoy white claw?" a woman said on Twitter.

According to the CNN report, while the spiked seltzer took a while to gain popularity, the drinks -- for which popular brands include White Claw, Truly, and Bon & Viv -- have soared as people starting looking for drinks that are lower in added sugar and calories. White Claw has just about 100 calories per can, as CNN noted, stating that the trend doesn't seem to be going anywhere. Anheuser-Busch announced the same information last month about their own hard-seltzer beverage under the Natural Light brand.

The company spokesperson for White Claw did not tell CNN when they would offer a normal stock of its popular drinks, though the company said it was "allocating" current stock to all of markets in order to keep stock available until the drinks climbs to normal levels of availability.