September 6, 2019
YouTuber Cassey Ho Shuts Down Instagram In Little Black Bikini On California Beach

Bikinis and beaches may rake in millions of likes from the Kardashian-Jenners, but a Keeping Up With The Kardashians resume isn't necessary in order to have an effect on Instagram these days. YouTuber and social media sensation Cassey Ho has managed to cause a micro meltdown on the platform by rocking shorefront swimwear. With an account geared toward health and fitness, this star's fans are likely all the more grateful for the recent photo landing on their feeds.

Cassey's snap came straight from California's shores, per the star's Catalina Island geo-tag. She had been snaped on a fairly crowded beach, although the background wasn't distracting fans from the model and her sizzling body. The brunette had been photographed full-length in what appeared to be a candid and relaxed moment as she held onto a green-painted rail near some steps.

Low-key as her look was, it was definitely upping the ante. Cassey showcased her fit and curvy frame in a little black bikini boasting string waistbands, with a simple black top keeping things unfussy. Likewise easy-going was the star's long dark hair, which rocked a slightly matted appearance to her locks indicating that Cassey may well have gone for a dip.

The image really seemed to be centered around the pilates lover's caption, though. Cassey had offered a long explanation, which mentioned that she has been on a weight-conscious journey. Nutrition got a heavy mention, although motivation seemed to be the crux of the message.

Cassey's update proved a giant hit, racking up more than 52,000 likes and bringing over 630 fans into the post's comments section.

YouTubers might be a dime a dozen these days, but Cassey appears to have gotten noticed. This hard-hitter has her own brands that include an activewear company called POPFLEX that boasts more than 200,000 Instagram followers. Ho has also been profiled by Teen Vogue. The magazine sat down with the star to talk lifestyle, nutrition and body-positivity, causing fans t0 learn a little more about what goes on inside Cassey's head.

Speaking about online trollers and cyber-bullies, Ho made it clear that she has no room for these types.

I don't allow them to get to me. I focus on the positivity that I am sharing with the world and the amazing community that surrounds it. If the bullies can't contribute to that, they have no place in my heart or mind," she told the magazine.

As for staying in shape, Cassey's view seemed to be that training for vanity isn't the key to happiness.
"Working out should make you FEEL happy, energized and motivated to take on the rest of your day. Feeling good will translate into looking good, too."
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