September 6, 2019
WWE News: Roman Reigns Comments On Fans Who Think He Faked His Leukemia

Roman Reigns is currently in the middle of a huge storyline which had him mysteriously attacked by someone who ended up being Erick Rowan. Last year, he was the WWE Universal Champion before having to relinquish the title due to the return of his leukemia, which shocked the world. Now, he's speaking out to those who believe that he faked the whole thing and that he was never even sick.

It was a touching moment and one that no one really knew how to handle. Reigns walked out to the center of the ring on Monday Night Raw and revealed his leukemia had returned and that he would need time away from WWE.

For more than four months, Reigns was out of action and taking care of himself, his health, and his family. Upon his return, he was thrust into storylines and feuds with Drew McIntyre, Shane McMahon, The Undertaker, and Daniel Bryan. He may not be in the thick of the title chase, but he's certainly at the top of the card.

Due to only being away for less than half a year and never actually "looking sick," many fans and critics doubted his truth. There are those who actually believe Reigns never had leukemia and that it was some kind of gimmick set up by him or WWE to further his career.

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Roman Reigns recently sat down and spoke with Leukemia Care about his chronic myeloid leukemia (CML) and the treatment he went through. It is obvious that he's not as muscular or bulky as he once was, but it's the rest of his appearance that has been scrutinized by the fans.

There are some who actually came forth and believe that his leukemia diagnosis was "a story for a character" in WWE. Just because he didn't lose his hair or look frail doesn't mean he isn't battling a serious disease, and that is what he wants people to understand.

"I think there is ignorance of leukemia. The word alone is intimidating. 'Leukemia' it sounds like a cancer word. It sounds like it could take your life. What people haven't realized is the different phases. That's the whole thing about me and this huge WWE platform, that's why I want people to know. I want people to understand that it's not what people see in the movies. We're in a different place now; we are making advancements, there are things we are doing to help people and save lives — we just don't always concentrate on those things."
Of course, WWE is going to have a focus on Roman Reigns' health battle and what he has to go through with his leukemia. It is a huge part of his real life and that is something that has been incorporated into professional wrestling over the years. While he has enough to focus on and worry about, Reigns still wanted to set the record straight and let doubters know exactly what is going on with him.