September 6, 2019
Jeffrey Epstein Buried In Unmarked Grave, Parents Names Removed From Nearby Headstones To Prevent Vandalism

Jeffrey Epstein was laid to rest in an unmarked grave in Palm Beach, Florida, with the names of his parents removed from their adjacent headstones to prevent vandalism, a report claims.

The billionaire died of suicide on August 10 in his Manhattan jail cell, where he was being held on charges of underage sex trafficking. His death brought controversy after he had reportedly been on suicide watch that was lifted at some point before his death, and Attorney General William Barr has ordered a federal investigation into how he was able to take his life despite still being under tight security.

As the Mirror reported, Epstein has since been laid to rest with efforts taken to keep his final resting place a secret.

"The plaque on his parent's tomb at the IJ Morris Star of David cemetery in Florida, US, has been replaced with a blank slab, according to reports. It is believed the decision was taken in order to protect the graves from being targeted by vandals disgusted by pedophile Epstein's depraved acts," the report noted.

Epstein's family has remained quiet in the wake of his death, and there has been secrecy surrounding the plans for his remains. As NBC News reported in the week after Epstein's death, his body was claimed by someone described as an "Epstein associate," though the person's name was not revealed.

There is still little publicly known about how Epstein was able to plan out his suicide, though investigators may have some clues. As Radar Online reported, writings described as a potential suicide note were found in Jeffrey Epstein's jail cell after his death and could give them a clue about how he planned to take his life.

"It appears at first look that it's just Jeffrey's thoughts about what he was going through, his emotional state," a source told the outlet.

The content of the writings was not reported.

Though Jeffrey Epstein's death brought an end to the charges against him, there could still be more legal action related to his alleged underage sex ring. The Toronto Sun reported that four women who were alleged to have worked as Epstein's enablers could still face charges in New York. Epstein was alleged to have lured young women in as personal masseuses, then sexually assaulted them and instructed them to have sex with some of his rich and powerful friends. Some of the young girls were told to recruit others into the sex ring, with Epstein reportedly targeting young and vulnerable girls.