September 6, 2019
NFL Wife Sasha Dindayal Shuts Down Instagram In Soaking-Wet Bikini

Sasha Dindayal has been getting noticed. The wife to future Hall of Fame tight end Antonio Gates has a busy life that includes her music career and kids, but this multitasker has the time to update her social media. With 303,000 Instagram followers, it looks like this lady also happens to be in demand on the platform.

Earlier this week, Sasha updated her account with a stunning bikini snap. The singer, model, entrepreneur, and mother of two had been photographed in a peaceful and Zen-like setting. With natural rocks and water, this was no infinity pool snap. Sasha appeared kneeling on rocks as she took in the spray, with moisture from it covering her entire body. The brunette had put on a major style display from a red bikini with unusual band strapping. With thin and segmented fabrics around the waist and the bikini's upper, fans were likely finding their eyes especially drawn to Sasha's trim waist, curvy hips, and muscular back.

Likewise stylish was an unusual and deep-green turban worn atop Sasha's head. The printed material afforded a regal feel, although much like those strappy bikini bands, it only served to direct viewers to the beautiful face underneath it. Sasha posed with a downward gaze, perfect makeup, and her hands clasped together and resting on one shoulder.

The update proved a popular one, racking up over 6,400 likes and bringing over 70 fans into the comments section. The star was given the thumbs-up for looking so great, with many fans pointing this out in the context of Sasha being a mom.Those paying attention to Sasha's look may have picked up on the turban-style headwear. The finish seems to be popular right now, with Kourtney Kardashian's Poosh lifestyle brand currently promoting a head towel that's seen the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star appear in promos rocking a very similar look. Sasha comes with her own style, though. She also comes with a penchant for some of the world's best-known designers.

Speaking to The Source, Sasha revealed her favorite labels.

"Donna Karan, YSL, Tom Ford, Versace, Iro and Current Elliot are some favorites right now," she told the media outlet.

Sasha also aired the body-positive thoughts that likely factored into her recent bikini snap.

"I'm proud of my body, I had two kids! Why can't moms be sexy? Just because you have kids doesn't mean you can't embrace your sexuality and femininity. I don't think you should judge or criticize anyone until you walk in their shoes," she added.