September 6, 2019
California High School's Gay-Straight Alliance Meeting Disrupted By Classmates Bearing MAGA Flags

A California high school's first meeting of the Gay-Straight Alliance (GSA) was disrupted by teenagers waving Make America Great Again (MAGA) flags and allegedly shouting anti-gay slurs, Yahoo Lifestyle reports.

Back on August 28, according to a parent of one of the teens in the GSA, the group was to have its first meeting at Bakersfield's Frontier High School. However, some members of another school organization, the Future Farmers of America (FFA), allegedly interrupted the meeting, wearing signs with the words "Make America Great Again" (MAGA), which has become the catchphrase of the Trump administration, and holding hands and shouting, "This is what's right!"

Afterwords, members of the two sides reportedly got into a shouting match.

One of the FFA students, identified only as "Matthew," admitted that he went to the meeting simply out of curiosity. Further, he claims that it was one of the GSA students who "instigated" the conflict.

"When we walked inside, we could immediately tell people did not want us there... We were all screaming and yelling at each other," he said.

It seems that there had been tension between the FFA kids and the GSA kids before the meeting, according to Bakersfield's KERO-TV. At least, that's what one mother claims in a Facebook post, of which the ABC station has provided a screenshot.

"My son says lately the tension at that school between the FFA and any kids they've determined as 'liberal.' The gay community there is apparently the one they've decided to mess with," the parent wrote.

Officially, the FFA, which promotes agricultural education, is non-partisan. And indeed, in a statement from the Frontier High School chapter of the organization, the actions of the teens that day do not represent the group.

"The choices made by these individuals were that of their own thought, mind, and action. These actions in no way reflect the mission of The Frontier FFA," the group said.

Matthew, for his part, says that he and the other students who disrupted the GSA meeting and other members of his group have been suspended for "harassment, intimidation and sexual assault."

"If you have an opinion that people don't agree with, you get hated on," he said.

In a statement, the Kern High School District said that the incident is being investigated and that, once the investigation is complete, "appropriate follow-up measures will be taken."

The district did not confirm or deny whether or not any students have been discipline; schools generally do not discuss student discipline in the media because of student privacy rules.