September 6, 2019
Alec Baldwin Reveals He Absolutely Hated Playing Donald Trump On 'Saturday Night Live'

Alec Baldwin admitted he actually hated playing Donald Trump on Saturday Night Live.

The actor told his comedy pal Kevin Nealon that the role was fun to play for the first couple of seasons, but now he "doesn't want to ever do it again."

Baldwin joined forces with Nealon for his YouTube series, Hiking With Kevin, in which the latter goes on strolls with some of his friends from the comedy world and chats about the most diverse subjects.

During the candid conversation, the 61-year-old revealed that he thought his impersonation of the U.S. President wasn't "doing anything good or bad for him," and that he doesn't want to do it anymore -- despite even winning an Emmy for this Trump portrayal.

He added that whenever he was about to go on stage on SNL to play the president, he wished "a meteor would hit the building and kill me."

"I think every time I did Trump after the first season—the first season everybody was high, they were in a lot of pain, they were confused. Even those who didn't like Hillary Clinton thought it was impossible that Trump would win the election," the Hollywood star explained, adding that he believed people were done with his depiction of the billionaire by now.

Saturday Night Live is about to kick off its 45th season, but it seems unlikely that Baldwin will go back to play Trump. However, he agreed that he thought most people knew him from that specific role, and that while Trump himself is quick to criticize the popular sketch comedy show, he actually enjoys the "attention he gets" from it.

Baldwin is not a featured player on the show, but he has appeared regularly in the past few seasons, along with other famous faces such as Ben Stiller (playing Michael Cohen) and Robert DeNiro (playing Special Counsel Robert Mueller).

The two comedians also discussed whether or not Baldwin would like to run for public office, but the actor revealed that his wife threatened to divorce him if he ever did. Nealon then inquired if Baldwin perhaps had too much "baggage" to run for president (referring to his pal's well-known explosive behavior that has led to some famous situations and run-ins with the law), but Baldwin pointed out that Trump also had a lot of baggage and still got the presidency.

"I don't think any of my baggage was sexual assault," he promptly quipped.