September 6, 2019
'Dragon Ball Heroes' Episode 15 Spoilers, Recap: Goku Unleashes Mastered Ultra Instinct, Eliminates Kamioren

Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 15, which is titled "Send Kamioren Flying! Overwhelming Ultra Instinct!," featured the continuation of the battle between Son Goku and Kamioren. Both fighters have tremendously improved their power, with Kamioren turning into a giant monster with the help of the Universe Seed and Son Goku finally unleashing the power of Ultra Instinct. Despite the noticeable enhancement in his speed and battle power, Kamioren was still not capable of matching Son Goku's Ultra Instinct.

The latest episode of Dragon Ball Heroes showed Kamioren becoming more aggressive in taking Son Goku down. Aside from launching powerful blows, Kamioren was unleashing destructive Ki blasts. However, he was unable to land a critical strike on Son Goku, who was dodging every attack while successfully hitting the enemy with his extraordinary power. Kamioren took the fight to another level when he hit Son Goku with a Ki blast coming from his giant mouth.

Future Trunks was very worried after seeing Son Goku directly taking the attack. However, instead of taking damage, Son Goku managed to absorb the energy of Kamioren's attack and went through a huge transformation. Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 15 featured Son Goku unleashing the Mastered Ultra Instinct. The aura that he was emitting was still the same, but the color of his hair became gray. Son Goku went all out against Kamioren, eyeing to defeat him before he ran out of energy.

After realizing Son Goku's situation, Vegeta, Future Trunks, Piccolo, and Android 17 decided to join him in knocking out Kamioren. The Universe 7 fighters launched multiple Ki blasts against Kamioren, while Son Goku was preparing to attack him with a Kamehameha. After successfully landing the Kamehameha against Kamioren, Son Goku followed up with a powerful punch in the crystal at the center of Kamioren's body.

Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 15 featured the Universe 7 fighters successfully defeating Kamioren. After the crystal was destroyed, Kamioren's body started to break apart until it exploded. As Kamioren turned into ashes, a small crystal came out from his body, which turned out to be the Universe Seed. Core Area Warriors leader Super Hearts revealed that it was the completed form of the Universe Seed.

Before absorbing the power of the Universe Seed, Super Hearts vowed to avenge the deaths of Kamin and Oren. Evil Zamasu was very happy to see that Super Hearts' dream is finally becoming a reality. However, based on how he speaks, it seems like Evil Zamasu also has his own secret plan.