September 6, 2019
Halsey Brightens Up Her Fans' Day By Flashing A Smile On Instagram

American singer Halsey not only has a beautiful voice, but she is also well-known among her fans for her beautiful looks and incredible figure.

The model recently took to her Instagram page and left her fans delighted with a new up-close selfie, one where she is featured flashing her beautiful smile to melt many hearts.

That's not all, but the "Without Me" songstress wore a revealing pink tank top that allowed her to flaunt an ample amount of cleavage.

The stunner wore minimal makeup and posed for the pic while sitting in her car.

Within an hour of going live, Halsey's picture racked up over 800,000 likes and about 13,000 comments, as fans and followers praised the singer for her beautiful smile and looks.

"Love that smile. You're beautiful, Halsey," one of her fans commented on the snap.

"You have the most beautiful voice and the prettiest and most innocent face in the whole music industry. Love you so much," another one wrote.

While a third fan went a bit overboard with wishful thinking and wrote that he would like to marry the singer.

Other fans, per usual, wrote words and phrases, including "totally stunning," "absolutely beautiful," "you're a goddess in the truest sense of the word," "simply amazing," and "you're incredibly stunning," to praise the singer.

Before posting the car selfie, Halsey wowed her fans with another hot photo where she showed off her style, as well as her toned legs and thighs, through her oversized yellow plaid shirt dress.

She opted for a pair of stylish, animal-print roller skates, wore her hair down and held a marguerite daisy in her mouth. In the caption, Halsey informed her fans that the picture was captured for Cosmopolitan and she also gave photo credits to her photographer, Peggy Sirota.

As of the this writing, the picture has amassed more than 950,000 likes and about 5,000 comments. Apart from her regular fans and followers, the pic was also liked by Kylie Rae, Calle y Poche, and Brittanya Razavi, among others.

"How do you always look so stunning?" one fan questioned.

"Damn, my girl is so hot," another one wrote.

Earlier this week, Halsey talked to Cosmopolitan about her bitter breakup with ex-beau, G-Eazy, and revealed the exact moment when she was finally done with her past. She also called the rapper a "sh*tty dude."

"I was doing Good Morning America and I'm in a blonde wig and white patent-leather outfit, twirling around while I'm going through a heinous breakup," she recalled.

"I look down and there are these two girls, one with pink hair, one with blue hair, septum piercings, cool as f*ck, still loving me, probably knowing what a weird time I'm going through. I looked at them, looked at myself in my sparkly Britney Spears outfit, and went, Ohhh no, they deserve way better than this. If those girls can be that brave in who they are, then I owe them better than this homogenized bullsh*t," she continued.

"But hey, if the worst thing that's happened to me so far is I wore dumb clothes and dated a sh*tty dude, I think I'm doing alright."