August 18, 2019
Chantel Jeffries Gives Fans An Eyeful Of Booty In Thong Bikini

Chantel Jeffries shared a brand new set of bikini pics earlier today, as she bid goodbye to Italy. The post is proving to be a popular one, racking up over 408,000 likes so far.

The first photo showed Chantel posing with her back to the camera, as she wore a skimpy, orange bikini. The bright color of the swimsuit popped on her tan body, and she stood at the edge of where the ocean met the beach.

Jeffries appeared to be using her right hand to play with her hair which she wore down. Behind her, you could see traditional buildings, along with fellow beach-goers.

The second shot showed Chantel from the front, as she rocked the same bikini top but also wore casual, white shorts. She also accessorized with a matching, orange purse that she clipped around her waist.

She kept her makeup simple with pink lipstick, heavy mascara, and light silver eyeshadow. Chantel smiled with her lips closed while tilting her head slightly to the right.

The DJ and YouTube personality was spotted sitting outside with green foliage behind her.

Chantel's fans responded with a ton of nice comments. One message, in particular, was liked over 128 times.

"Most beautiful woman alive," said a fan.

"Who else punching air cause they can't have Chantel?" asked another fan, and this message was liked over 84 times.

There were many people who commented on the color of the bikini.

"Orange you glad you're thriving," asked a follower, making a pun.

"U and orange go well together," observed another follower.

Plus, Jeffries' followers sent plenty of love.

"Literally only wallpaper worth having on my phone," said one Instagram user.

"I never said you could snap this hard. stop," joked a fan.

"You're honestly perfect," said another fan.

And while the majority of the messages were positive, one person had a bone to pick with Jeffries' caption.

"That caption makes no sense," they complained.

However, there were plenty of fans around to help them understand.

"Yes it does. a chefs kiss means it's amazing. she's basically saying bye italy you were amazing," explained a follower.

"Chantel is *chefs kiss*," said another follower, playing off of the DJ's captions.

In addition, several male followers joked about her being their significant other.

"Look i know we broke up but not following me? Unreal," said a fan.

"I think it's time I let you meet my parents. You're the one," said another fan.