August 18, 2019
One Of Duchess Meghan's Favorites, Charlotte Tilbury Wins Legal Battle With Aldi Over Makeup Rip-Off

British makeup brand, Charlotte Tilbury, one of Meghan Markle's favorite cosmetics companies just won a major legal battle over the retailer, Aldi.

According to The Sun, the Charlotte Tilbury company claimed that the German retailer ripped off one of her best selling products, and made it available at a much lower price. The British makeup giant was selling her Filmstar Bronze and Glow palette with their Lacura Broadway Shape and Glow for just over $50, while Aldi was selling a near duplicate for $8.

Tilbury personally did makeup at the wedding of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, and Markle has shared that she is a fan of the brand and the cosmetician.

The Sun shared that a High Court judge determined that there are "substantial" similarities between the packaging of the two compacts, including a diamond impression for the logo and a starburst ray effect on the design."

Tilbury's company, Islestarr Holdings will receive damages from the German retailer, whose slogan is "like brands, only cheaper," and often creates cheaper imitations of pricier products. Aldi sold over 20,000 compacts before they were faced with legal action last December, denying any copyright infringement.

Judge Deputy Master John Linwood stated in his ruling that Aldi saw the success of the Charlotte Tilbury compact, and decided to replicate it.

"Islestarr say [it] demonstrates Aldi's ethos of selling look-alike versions of well-known brands cheaply to encourage footfall in their stores," stated the judge.

But while Charlotte Tilbury won this bout in court, she is now finding herself on the other side after actor Brooke Shields filed suit when the makeup guru named an eyebrow pencil after her without consent, reports The Inquisitr.

Shields, who was known in the eighties for her shapely brows sought legal action after seeing that Tilbury had named a medium brown Brow Lift Eyebrow Pencil "Brooke S."

Shields' attorney, Alex Weingarten of Venable LLP, says that the company chose to name the pencil after the actor because of her lush brows.

"Brooke Shields's career as a model, actress, author, and entrepreneur spanning decades has made Brooke (and her eyebrows) a household name. In fact, Brooke's eyebrows have been her trademark since Time magazine declared her 'the '80s look' in 1981."
Part of the actor's complaint said that she has intentionally not endorsed a cosmetics line other than her own that she created with MAC in 2014, which included eyebrow enhancing products, and in particular, an eyebrow pencil. Her lawyer adds that Shields worked with MAC for two years on product development before the line was launched.