August 18, 2019
Ashley Graham Goes Fully Nude For New Pregnant Body Pic

Ashley Graham has been nothing but open with her Instagram fans about her adventures as a pregnant woman. And today, she shared a photo of herself that is getting tons of rave responses.

The photo was a zoomed-in shot of Ashley's body, as she opted to go fully nude. She placed her hand on top of her chest to cover it, while she raised her right leg to censor her lower body. The photo showed her from her chest down to parts of her derriere, with her body being put on full display without any filters.

Although the image was only posted 15 minutes ago, it's racked up over 163,000 likes.

And since the photo is so zoomed-in, it's difficult to know what else was going on in the shot. At the least, you could spot a light green backdrop, along with her perfectly manicured nails. The bright red manicure popped in the photo, and her gold ring peeked through in the shot.

Many of Graham's female fans poured in with positive comments, many of them thanking the model for sharing the candid photo.

"Thanks for always be real and honest! Beautiful! Makes me feel that i could be beautiful to with all my cellulite and stretch marks!" said a fan.

"This is what girls need to see. We need this as a reference for real and relatable. Women young and old," added another fan.

"It feels like we have felt shame in private for something most women's bodies have...its normal," said a follower.

Considering that Instagram is often used to showcase the best photos, which are usually carefully edited, it looks like Graham's honesty is reverberating with her fans.

There were plenty of other comments that showcased the impact Ashley's new post has had.

"Only instamodel I follow because your confidence and self-ownership are *incredible.* love this," said an Instagram user.

"Your the only woman who makes me love my body," said a follower.

"So amazing! You are growing a human, making food for the human, you are Woman!!!" exclaimed another follower.

This photo was preceded by a sped-up video of Ashley doing some yoga. She wore a lavender sports bra and high-waisted leggings. Her trainer could be spotted coming into the frame here and there. The model looked happy throughout the clip, as she smiled widely from time to time.

The video started with Ashley doing breathing exercises, and she later transitioned to doing floor work. And although the video's only been live for one hour, it's been viewed over 447,000 times.